We meet great people at nearly every show Carl and I play.  They love the music, they love the good times and they really love to party!

It was just such a group that we met a few years ago at The Greta Oaks Country Club in Rochester Michigan.  They know what they like, how to get it, and more than that, how to enjoy it when they do!

The summer before this last one, we were approached at Great Oaks about playing a summer party up at Boyne Mountain for an entire weekend of corporate celebrating.  However, Carl was to be out of town, so it never materialized.

When we met agin this summer, it was obvious that the same people were planning a great party, and somehow, we were going to be there.

The party happened all right.  Small but mighty.  For reasons we never were privy to, the party was thrown at an K of C hall in the great city of Farmington, on a Friday in December.

With everyone dressed in beach attire, we let loose with our entire arsenal of island tunes.  (They never really had a chance.)

The bartender did all she could to keep up with the drink orders as the music began to do its’ job on the unsuspecting revelers.  When the dreaded dance circle was formed, we knew that we had done our job in earnest.

There was that talk about next summers’ weekend corporate party.  Maybe it will work out next year.  For the moment, we only focused on the night at hand, and how enjoyable it was to please these wonderful people.

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are to have the gift of music we can share.

But, then again, that is what this time of year is all about: sharing gifts.


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