And, just like that . . .

it’s over.  : (

One of the biggest things that Carl and I look forward to all year round . . .  Playing Holiday shows for the kids, that is.

It was amazing again, this year.  Visiting all the elementaries at Fraser Schools, this year.  And what made it even more rewarding, was the fact that we had a wonderful assistant who kept us going the entire week.  I cannot say enough about my daughter, Kaitlin, who helped move and organize the entire van full of props and show elements that the kids treasure.

We visited Twain and Edison on Tuesday.  Eisenhower and Emerson on Wednesday; and Disney, Salk and Cherokee on Friday.  Enough for one week, (or, one season), for sure.

Without her, we would never have been able to get from school to school, set up and ready to play the next show.  She was amazing!  She also took the pictures and videos of the shows as well!

For our 2015 rendition of the Bob and Carl Holiday Extravaganza, we visited each of the Fraser elementaries, as well as Cherokee Elementary, in the Chippewas Valley school system, where the very first show originated, back in the 90’s.

We could have easily christened this year’s show, “The Very Best Of The Bob And Carl holiday Extravaganza”, because that’s how it truly seemed.

Although there were some new bits, it was mostly a “best of” show, comprised of many classic elements that have been the staple of our first fifteen years.

Talking with kids through the school year; (and you might be surprised to know that there is not a school day that goes by, when one kid or another doesn’t approach me about the holiday show, and how much they love it), I listen a lot about what parts of the show that the children hold dear.

Some love Frosty, some love building Santa; some like the singing, the dancing, the mayhem . . .

Honestly, every kid seems like like a different element or bit.  But, they all remember something different, and they all seem love it!

This particular year, I was in a elementary classroom, about a month ago, when a little voice popped up next to me, asking “What was new for this years’ show?”

It was a forth grade student.  After our conversation, I asked her some questions about what she liked in the show, and if she wouldn’t mind giving some thought about what she might like to see added.

She thought that we needed a new outfit for Rudolph, so that was just what we got.  Rudolph never looked better; and never got a bigger response.  Good call girl!

It is truly a labor of love to do this show every year.  Rewarding, doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Our favorite thing to do, above all else.

But the toughest part as always…….                      uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm………

what to do next year?


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