New year, new day; same old guys.

Yep, that’s what you got on this Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in beautiful downtown Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

Actually, since it was the very first day of a very new year, and we were extremely lucky to get anyone at all.  Only the hardiest of people would come out on the next day after a New Year’s celebration, no matter how incredible the entertainment might be.

So with only a few tables filled, (and of course the biggest one, right where we were to set up), we began a very new year.  A new year filled with hope, music and dreams.

It is up to each person to fulfill the hopes and dreams that seem attainable, as we pear over the horizon of all those moments and hours as yet to be.

On this night, we won’t even begin to look ahead, since our immediate attention is focused on pleasing the patrons who made the journey out to start their year right.

We began a little mellow, favoring the legendary hits that reflected on lost love and unfulfilled potential; all tied eloquently to a soul-filled time signature.

As people filtered in, we held our guitars a bit more casually, allowing them to resonate a more uplifting sound and song.

Sitting at the bar on this were good friends, who stopped by, knowing that this inviting pub would be warm, happy and rewarding.  Sitting in an comfortable atmosphere, while sipping on some favorites, listening to some favorites is pretty great whenever you get the chance to enjoy it.  Truly, a wonderful way to begin a new year.

Steadily, as the doors opened, the Mice began to fill in ernest.  Happy people with broad smiles and cheerful greetings assembled to christen 2016 in just the right way.

Carl and I worked hard on this night.  “auditioning” for each new group of people who joined the fray.  Song after hearty song was changed as the evening turned from the first day of January to the next.  By nights’ end, we were as one, committed to making this new year all that it could be.

And why not?  If life is truly, “Like a song”, then let us sing it to the rafters!



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