While this year is still in its’ infancy, all signs point to a new, strong, optimistic era of musical memories.

I know, that is quite positive, but, “Why not”?

Sometimes, everything just comes together.  The stars are all aligned.  The temperature is perfect.  The ducks are all in a row.  The gods simply favor us.

I don’t really care about the, why.  Just glad that things are pointing to a wonderful, rewarding new year.

And so it was on Friday night at the Three Blind Mice in lovely downtown Mt. Clemens Michigan.  The Gods and ducks all seemed to be aligned.  Sweet!

What am I talking about?

Well, so far this year; (and, yes, I know that it is early . . .), we have had a great January.  The patrons have been fun and appreciative.  The crowds have been steady and plentiful.  And, the music has been well-received and fun.

What more could you ask for?

It was in that from of mind that we began the evening; optimistic.  The crowd that started the night out with us, grew and grew until it actually seemed as though people were heading out to shake off those winter blues.

Some nights it really doesn’t matter what is going on in other parts of the world, since no one really cared about anything that didn’t reside right within these walls.

Let it be cold, let it snow, let it blow . . .

We are just going to hunker down here and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

The music was just beginning to grab everyone when we could hear the funding beat from the band above us.

When there came a break in the our set, I grabbed my camera and climbed the long stairway to the upper floor.  It was time to check out Back Track.  Its great to see a band that is, shall we say, in our age demographic,rocking the place just like the young ones do.

The second floor was packed.  People were happy and drinks were being drunk.  Seemed like everything was as it should be.  Since everything was well in hand, carl and I headed back downstairs to end the night on a high note, as they say.

The music grew to a long, well earned crescendo, as the patrons shouted for more!

Another strong night at the Mouse, in the books.


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