If ever you were looking for contrast from one event year to the next, this year and last would be the model.  St. Patrick’s Day, 2015 was a slow, meandering Tuesday that never fulfilled its promising potential.  On the other hand, this years’ celebration was vibrant, strong and steady from the beginning of the eight O’clock hour, until the last Irish dog was hung.

Looking back even now, does nothing to wash away the feeling we had then: 2015 st. Pat’s was a bust.  While we were anything but certain at the time, now in retrospect, we can anoint it for what it was; a nice quiet day.  Yes, it was slow.  The weather wasn’t the greatest, but shouldn’t really be held accountable as the main reason that the day fizzled.  While the summer-like celebration of 2012 will probably be the water mark that forever resonates with Carl and I for many reasons, the last few have been trending slower and slower since.

What worried us more than anything, was if this apparent trend would continue.  That people were just not willing to go out any longer during a work week and devote the entire day to celebration and revery; no matter what the cause.  It seemed to us that the times had finally changed.  Finally the new aggressive scrutiny in law and prosecution would effectively abolish social revery once and for all.

After all, our society is still evolving, right?

Nah . . .

Last year was just a fluke.  We know now that it was, because this year came roaring back with an vengeance!

Green men and women were out in full force doing all the stupid stuff that have been a yearly tradition since apparently doing stupid stuff was invented.

Great news for us, as that is how we make our living on the seventeenth of March!

And so it went this year, at Clancey’s at eight O’clock in the morning on a Thursday in March.  Our day began with The Whistling Gypsy, (our traditional Irish opening), and eased into second gear about a half our into our first set with The wild Rover.
( Did ya’ know that our first Irish album is all online . . . listen to Irish Hearts right here.)irish-hearts-cover

Clancey’s began to fill quickly and we needed to keep pace.  The music got faster, as tempos raced and melodies got simpler.  Soon bagpipers arrived to do what they do.

The green beer began to flow in earnest, and all the while we played . . . Green alligators, and long-necked geese . . .

As the two O’clock hour approached we had completely filled the bar.  Enthralled that this year would begin the pendulum swing back to a more normal level of insanity, we set our sights on the second half of our day.

After a quick tear-down and set up, we were soon letting those green alligators loose upon unsuspecting partiers in an entirely new location.  Their entertainment was just winding down as we arrived to stake our claim on the main course of the day.

The five O’clock hour had us attempting to pick up where we had left off at two.  Only now we were at The green Lantern Lounge with our long time friend Jewels.  Jewels brought us to Rosy O’ Grady’s in the nineties.  We played there for many a St. Pat’s party, and followed her to Limelight’s, in Rochester.

Now at the Lantern once more, we could settle in and enjoy the sweet aroma of green beer and pizza.  All we needed to do was to add music, and that we did.  Several friends followed us from location to location on this day, never missing a beat or a chorus.

We are never too sure if people come to hear us on St. Pat’s at the lantern, as the food is the main reason for their visit.  I guess I wonder what most patrons are thinking when they walk in, sit down and are faced with Seven Old Ladies.

Funny how this year the most asked question was, “If we knew any Irish music?”.  Classic.

It was a great crowd at the Green Lantern.  They sat, they listened, they ate and still had request after request.   Wonderful smiles and suggestions kept the music flowing, right up until the very last hour of ten.

In the end, any Saint Patrick’s celebration is a lot of work for us.  So many songs over so many hours.  But the rewards always outweigh the troubles or aches and pains.

As always, we will be looking forward to next years’ celebration.  A day to spend with friends, family and every Irish heart.


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