The Saturday after the big Saint Patrick’s day celebration was a day that Carl and I were fearing, even before it arrived.

Knowing all too well how difficult it is to play on any given St. Paddy’s Day, we have come to fear the worst over the years.

Meaning: we were afraid of how well we would be for the physical and emotional challenge  it is to play at the Mice; given that it was a mere two days after the “big, green day”, we were  a little trepidatious, to say the least.

As it turned out . . .  our fears were in vain, as once again, the people carried us to new levels of musical enjoyment.

There was a good, polite crowd all set and ready to go when we arrived.  These people were either patrons that elected to skip the craziness that is the 17th, or truly professional partiers, unfazed by something as silly as a date on the calendar that simply falls two days after the last opportunity to consume alcohol.

Either way; we win!

They were there all right, smiling, chatting and giving us their unique take on just what goes into an memorable night of song and drink.


Buoyed by the palpable energy and enthusiasm in the air, Carl and I rose to the occasion; immune to the aching thoughts and hurting limbs.

We started out strong, and got stronger as the many tables of new friends and aquaintences urged us to push our musical boundaries.  Good for them; as we need to be pushed from time to time.

We started out as we finished on the Thursday night before, with a healthy offering of Irish fan favorites: Whisky In The Jar, The Black Velvet Band, The Unicorn song and Danny Boy.

We started out that way, but soon moved on to other, more timely tunes.  Songs that tell the story of the ending of winter and the promise of spring.

Right now, singing about the coming of summer is literally music to peoples’ ears.

Through the evening we chatted with so many new fans.  People from near and far that found common ground in song and laughter; as we always do.

We conversed with some friends that we had met last year.  Friends that felt at home at the Mice, especially on their second visit.  So great to see people return because of the great time they had experienced previously.

It was truly a wonderful night.  Still physically demanding, but wonderful all the same.

It is our hope that those people who were so gracious to let us get to know them, will re-live that memory, in picture, smiles and music.

Until we see them again . . . . thanks for giving us the strength to keep going.


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