On a wintery night in January, I was out with friends who wanted to try a new, hip restaurant, everyone was raving about.  Vast Kitchen & Bar

Although it was certainly not a surprise that I hadn’t heard anything about it; I was still intrigued by all the chatter.  As we arrived for what would turn out to be a very important evening, how could I have known what excellent service and care we would have experienced, on our very first visit.

The restaurant was charming, all right.  Contemporary styling and no-nonesense appointments, throughout.First-rate service by the greater, the wait staff and even the bartender.  After settling in and spending some time browsing through the ample offerings, we had time to truly reflect on our surroundings.



The place was full and brimming with conversation.  It seemed that even while engaged in the simple act of dining, what was being digested in earnest was good conversation.  A tribute to an atmosphere that nourishes not only the palette, but the heart and soul as well.  All that seemed to be missing was the sweet tones of an aching guitar.

Maybe we could fix that.  As it so happened, a concerned gentleman sidled up to our table to search out our feelings as we dined for the very first.  He introduced himself as Kola.  And while I was sure that he must the be the chef, I was delighted to find out that he was indeed the owner!

After exchanging our pleasantries and critiques on the evening we were enjoying so far, the subject of music was approched.

As we quizzed our host on the Vast history of music at his restaurant, somehow the idea that Carl and I might be a good fit to entertain someday.

Since Carl and I were both on vacation and in the studio for a month, that someday turned in to the immediate future.

After meeting with the owners, it was decided that we would play on the very next Thursday.

We are very hopeful that it will be a perfect place to play this spring and summer, as we have not entertained in any venue in this area on an regular schedule.20160321_164415

To say that both carl and I are excited is an understatement, as to me, personally, Vast Kitchen & Bar reminds me a great deal of a restaurant that we played for nearly five years at, in the nineties . . . Kokomos.

We have many fond memories of Kokomos, in downtown Mount Clemens.  So if of Vast experience is even close to that, everyone will be in for a real treat!

See you Thursday.



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