Although this Friday night, Carl and I arrived early to set up, the night seemed to go by in a flash.  Partly because of the great people that we were lucky enough to have show up, and partly because, when we are really “into it”, we get lost in the music.

At that point, time really has no effect on us.

And so it was this last Friday at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub.  The night seemed to go by in a flash.  The people came early and stayed most of the night.  A tribute to the great pub that takes such good care of them; and also to the people themselves, who all seem to enjoy live music.

Having said it a million times, I will apologize right now to express it once more: It is always about two things . . .  the music and the people.  They both need each other to work, and when they are both part of the equation, anything and everything is possible.

At one time or another, we had five tables of fans that had come in to hear us play.  Very rewarding, for sure.   Nothing is better than people who say that they traveled for great distances to hear us perform.  We do all that we can to make their experience very enjoyable.  On this night, we seemed to enjoy the experience as much, or more than even they did.

We began the night, watching the Wings on the many screens, and sampling the local cuisine.

Then as it became time to perform, we were pleasantly surprised by the many tables of fans that we have entertained over the last year, arriving to share their night with us.

And a very fun night it was.

As you know, nothing is better than when we get request after request from excited music lovers.  For us to be able to make their favorite songs come alive is a wonderful experience.  It is why we are still playing after all these many years.

Even better, is when we got requests for songs a little out of the mainstream: one of our specialties.  Everyone loves Margaritaville, but many people might not have heard the Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Having so many tables surrounding us with smiling, laughing singing faces almost makes everything right.

It was a lot of fun downstairs, so Carl and I ventured upstairs to see what was going on.  To our delight, one of the very best bands around was playing: Under The Covers.  The lead singer has an amazing voice, singing everything from Bruno Mars to Journey!  We can’t say enough good things about this band, as they always bring their “A” game to the Mice.

Back down to earth, and downstairs as the evening unofficially was winding down.  We can tell the high point of any night is when we finish a set with the rock classic: American Pie.  It always seems to signal the crescendo of the evenings’ roller-coaster ride through our musical repertoire.

The night started early and was well attended throughout, but slowed quickly as the midnight hour arrived.  Our last set mellowed as the we ushered our friends into the night with some more thought provoking and contemplative selections, such as Hallelujah, and even an original selection.

An enjoyable evening to the early last.

It is very important for us to make sure that they people that go out of their way to return to hear us, know how much we appreciate it.

It is why we are still singing.


Three Blind Mice, April 15, Set four

Bonus!  You can listen to the last set from Friday night, right here……


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