Some nights seem to take on the characteristics of the month that they are in.  A wintery night in December, cold and foreboding might see everyone bundled up and snuggling at their tables.  Patrons huddled together and enjoying hot food and warm drinks.  Whereas a sweltering summer night on the patio would enjoy a cold beverage and cooler island music, to hit that elusive sweet spot.

So, what of a transition night in late April?

Although it was our usual Friday night, it was still clinging onto the winters’ chill, with sullen skies and dampness all around.  Carl and I feared that only those hearty few would venture out on a night that was really not that friendly for neither man, nor beast.

Spoiler alert, we were wrong!

Even during our initial set-up, we noticed how busy it was.  Good for the Three Blind Mice Irish pub, in beautiful downtown Mount Clemens.

The people were filling the downstairs, where we hold court, and were loudly and emphatically out-and-about, as you might say.

Busy from the very first song always makes it a great night, and this particular Friday was no exception.

The requests started early, and really didn’t let up until we were knee-deep into our second set.  That is just what we love about playing; when we don’t have to think about what the people might want to hear, we just do what we’re told.  Perfect!

We can play just like that all night long.  Give us a favorite artist, and away we go.  That not only makes it easy, but for us, makes it fun too.

Good crowd.  Happy, loud and engaged.  We will take that any month of the year.  Not really sure why this night was so busy, but not really too worried about it either.  Just glad to go with the flow.

After the dust settled on the second set, we did get the chance to get upstairs and check out the Friday night band.  Paper Covers Rock was entertaining each and every one of the one hundred fans on the second floor, with ease.   They have an excellent, balanced sound that really cuts through the room with an edgy beat.  We listened to a few songs and really was impressed with their talent.  One can only hope for great things in their future.

Back downstairs, it was time to get everyone’s favorite, sung and enjoyed.  And, there were plenty of them to be shared, still.

You know that the night crescendoes when everyone is singing in unison, (Even if half of them don’t know the words).

One O’clock came sooner than we could envision, but just in time.  Although we were still getting song requests for our next set, from the enthusiastic table in front of us, it was sadly, time to pack it in for the night.

But don’t be too sad, Carl and I will be right back here in two weeks.  Maybe you could be right here too.

We can’t predict what the weather will be like; but we can predict that the music will be whatever you want it to be.  Hot, or cool.  Get your requests ready . . .


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