Change happens every day in the world, and no more evident than at Great Oaks Country Club, in Rochester Michigan.

Nearly twenty five years ago when we first played there, we would set up outside the old clubhouse among the “great oaks”.  Majestic oak trees that were the signature of the entire area; and one of the major reasons that the golf course was built around.
After some years, and a new greater clubhouse expansion, they removed those oaks, and relocated the event area away from the course.  The bands moved near the tennis courts to better focus their music on all the major summer holidays; memorial day, the fourth and labor day.

The holiday tradition endured but not our location.  We kept moving, here and there.  Not a problem for us, as we are always just glad to be entertaining, no matter where or to whom.

For the last many years, we have been set up pool-side, near the food and grill.  With the summer of twenty sixteen, came even more changes.  The food and cook staff have been relocated to the other side of the pool, and we now have a permanent home at the pool, complete with our own umbrella.

The people at Great Oaks have been focusing on families for many years now, and it has paid off in dividends. Kids, kids and more kids splash, scream and play as a family in what we can only imagine is the perfect summer atmosphere.  They have food, they have fun and they have entertainment; with play-scapes, games, water and inflatable bouncing environments.

Add our incredible music to the mix and you have the perfect place to enjoy the sun.

The changes have been many over the years; and all that really stays consistent is us!

Some things are simply classics.  Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, among them.  Music as timeless and personal as youth.

We truly love watching families grow up and flourish under the Great Oaks.  And, as many things change through the years, fun, sun and music never will.


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