Saturday was the very first show of 2016, on the water at Bumper’s Landing.  It certianly seemed everything was in place for a perfect evening of top-notch entertainment with the incomparable Bob and Carl at the helm.

Until Mother Nature had her say, that is.

Nearly in the blink of an eye, it went from mostly sunny to mostly shitty.  Oh well, the life of a rock star . . .

Thankfully someone made the intelligent call to have us set up our equipment in the bar, just in time to see the rainstorm scatter the water-side revelers inside . . . . right into our evil clutches!

Snug inside, the gentle sounds of Jimmy Buffet made the transition from deck-side to bar-side a bit more tolerable, as the requests began to pour in.  Tables in close proximity made communication with the audience easy, as we settled in for what would be an amazing night to come.

Jimmy, Kenny and Bob weren’t at the bar, but springing from our guitar and keyboards; as the perfect mix of alcohol and enthusiasm plied the frowns from those in the full house.  It might have been pouring outside, but nothing nothing could stop the fun, inside.  The tables were jammed, the rain was steady, and the music was accelerating.  Everywhere you looked, you saw . .  . . .  happy.

One of the things we love about playing at Bumper’s is that when we take a breaks, the music doesn’t stop.  Any song that we don’t know can be spun by our good friend, DJ Jimmy.  He never lets the party slow down with his vast selection of enjoyable tunes.  Sometimes, a girl just needs to let it loose on the dance floor, and Jimmy is right there to accommodate.

After only a few songs into our second set, the door opened and sixteen happy faces strolled in.  Looking for only one thing . .. a great time!

Well, they came to right place.  Bumper’s and Bob and Carl were ready for them.  The crew was celebrating a birthday, and they were celebrating with an vengeance.

The entire bar joined together for an rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday“, Vegas style.

So, after birthday props went out to both Kelly and Bobby, we were able to really crank up the party!  The dance floor was filled with happy people, grooving to the timeless classics that delighted both young and old.

While the rain subsided outside, and the fish flies descended; the party raged right to the eleventh hour, inside.

Though neither of us believed that the night was going to turn out so well; we sure were glad that it did.  Sometimes, the best of times are the times never imagined.

Lesson learned: If you are heading to a boat party . . . bring your suit and your smile.  You’re going to need them!


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