Last night was our triumphant return to the eloquent tranquillity of Auburn Hills.  Never mind the last time we where there, (yes, and also the first), was back in July of 1998.


To be honest, little has changed since then.  Oh the trees have grown some, but our song list hasn’t.  Why, you might ask?

Because most of the music that we have adopted over the years, are classic songs, interwoven into the fabric of our lives.  Or, as one wonderful young lady told us last night, “The music you play is so nice, because I know the words to every song!

Just the response that we want to hear.  Translation: she and her husband thoroughly enjoyed themselves last night, hearing a band for the very first time.

To us, it means a lot, when kind people take the time to tell us how much they enjoyed themselves after the show ends.

We only played two sets, just more than two hours.  But, the audience had plenty of time to decide if they liked us or not.  They did.

It was a beautiful spring evening in Auburn Hills at the recreation center patio.  The attire was casual, the temperature was perfect and the air was filled with easy listening music.

On this particular night, we were even encouraged to play some of our Irish favorites.  It makes us smile when we see people enjoying music they have never heard before, and yet can’t stop tapping their toes and clapping their hands.

People sat and listened, folks jogged by the path through the woods and some people even took time out of their evening rituals, like walking their pets to come, sit down and give us a listen.

Happy smiles and many encouraging comments let us know that everyone there had a great time.

We only hope that it won’t be another 18 years until we return again.


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