Sometimes at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub, the night nearly gets away from us.  The crowd is big, the tempo is fast and we are barely able to hold on for dear life.

On those nights, the requests are flying fast and furious from start to finish.  It is pretty much a blur to us, and before we know it, it’s gone, done and over.

And, then there are the other nights.  Nights when the tempo is much slower.  You can quickly tell that everyone is truly exhausted from the long week, and it even shows.

It was a night just like that on Friday last.  The evening had a much slower pace to it, from the very beginning.  No problem.  We can roll with that.

The great thing about a night like that, is Carl and I get a chance to visit with many new patrons.  Although we have been entertaining on Friday nights since the Three Blind Mice officially opened its’ doors, we are always meeting new patrons, just coming in for the very first time.

That was just the case the other Friday night.  After our first set, we realized that the night was going to be slower than usual.  It was a beautiful night, outside.  Can’t blame anyone for not wanting to sit inside.  We didn’t.  It was our job to make them want to stay.

Quite a challenge, some nights.

What I think we will take away most from this gig, was the knowledge that it really doesn’t matter how old or young the people are that come to see us.  It is the knowledge that people from all walks of life, no matter the age demographic still enjoy the classic music that we sing.

Those songs are classics.  That’s why we still sing them.

And when I sit and spend our breaks talking with great people about the music, what comes across is that so many of them still enjoy those classic songs.

I hear it most every night.  “You know, I grew up on those songs!“, they say. Over and over again.  Like the cute couple that I talked with last Friday night.

Although they were still in their twenty somethings’ they went out of their way to tell me how much they enjoyed the music.  It is still unexpected to me.   To hear those words from people so young.  But, we’ll take it.

They were a truly appreciative couple from the Battle creek area, who were here enjoying the night, thoroughly.

People like them, who were trying to make a difference in all aspects of their lives.  It was so great to chat with them.  Rewarding, you might say.

There is no band upstairs for the summer, since the patio is now open, the upstairs is not.  Out on the patio, people talked and pretty much just kicked back on this late Spring night.

It was perfect outside.  Wait, we were inside!!!

Well, we better finish the night then.  How about some old friends that showed up to cap things off with?  Perfect.

Thanks go out to the fun table who shared some of their night with us, too.  A great guy who works as a professional wedding photographer, grabbed my camera and shot some pics.  He even captured Carl and I improvisation some Jim Morrison and the Doors of Perception.  Check out our videos.  Fun night.

I guess the moral of this story, is that when you have less people, you an spend more time with them.  And, for us, that is a win – win situation.  No matter what it sounds like.


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