We were back.

. . . In Trenton, that is.  After about ten years, I believe.  It’s hard to say, actually.  It’s been a while, for certain.  Back in Trenton.

Just yesterday, it seems, we were playing in front of the old hotel, entertaining passers-by, from the front porch of the venerable old gal.  It’s always an old-timey folksy atmosphere in Trenton, and we like that.

We get there early and try our best to take in each and every, sound, sight and smell of the entire festival.  We make a day of it.  We take some time to get to know all the promoters, artists, vendors and participants, who make the event sustainable and vibrant.

As we arrived last Friday, we could hear a young gal on the stage, entertaining all the people in the picnic area with her beaconing vocals.  She was doing a great job of showcasing the new female, singer -songwriter hits out there.  The crowd was thoroughly delighted, and we could tell.

As she finished to the chanting of “Encore!”, it was time for Carl and I to change the atmosphere from contemporary, girl angst, to a more light-hearted musical vibe.

Beginning with Jimmy Buffett was seemingly just what the crowd needed.  Light and breezy, sunshine and casual.  The way a summer really should be in Michigan, or anywhere, for that matter.

We kept it light and easy.  We played an hour and then took a ten minute break to give us a chance to talk to some of the very nice Trenton-ites.

After getting an earful of requests, we were back at it for the second half of the show.  A second half that breezed right by us.  Music so good, the Slushie Ladies, (Not their real names, I’m pretty sure), brought us two Slushies, just for us mentioning them in one of our songs.  (Now that’s product placement!).

After our show, another young gal grabbed the stage to try her hand at entertaining the enthusiastic crowd.  IF she was any indication, the classic singer-songwriter will never go out of style.

There was a lot to see, hear and do in Trenton.  Just across the street from our stage was a young gal who was entertaining people in exchange for college money.  Across from her was a real Cajun Cafe, (If you were buying what they were selling), and I was!

It was a great, relaxing day for us both.  Always a good way to spend the summer, by sharing our musical talents with people and places we have invested in over the years.

Hopefully, we will be back some summer, down the road.  Trenton always brings a smile to our faces.  And, if you were there, perhaps it brought one to yours.


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