So it was a Saturday in June, that felt very bit like a Sunday to us.

Ok, I’ll explain.

Since we already had played yesterday, (and yesterday seemed like a Saturday, because we didn’t work, and we were playing way down in Trenton, in a festival); today, seemed every bit like a Sunday.  Make sense?

Well, it did to us.  All day it seemed much more like Sunday than a Saturday.  The pace was slow and easy; with people filtering gingerly into the park early and often.

There was a big stage for us.  Ok, it wasn’t for us, but we did get to use a part of it.  The sound man even raised the roof so that we could set up and play!

Centerline has a long history of family events, and this years’ fireworks was just about at the top of their list.  We have played many times over the years, and always have enjoyed doing so.

They have had the even in a few different types of formats.  Two day events, three day events, and other formats as well.  However, over the last year or two, they have settled on this three day format.

Saturday was our day to shine, and we did it by starting off the days’ entertainment on a high note.

Four Strong Winds meandered through the park, as Carl kicked off our two hour show with some, ever popular Neal Young.  Then it was myself, Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay and singing, Against The Wind, to the small but riveted crowd.

It was a very casual atmosphere, and although it felt every bit like a Sunday – Ok, I won’t go into that again, it did have all the classic elements that any perfect Sunday have.

First, it was hot, but not too hot.  It was casual, and easy, (Like a Sunday morning).  It was pretty low-key. People came over between sets and gave us their favorite requests and suggestions.  We even signed some autographs!  (Only a matter of time before they turn up on E-Bay).

The second half of the show was even more fun than the first, as we turned up the volume and the tempo.  Some MotownCreedence and Cash were just what the this particular Saturday/Sunday called for.  Must have been good, since the Mayor of Centerline and his family stopped by to tell us how much they enjoyed it.

After our scintillating performance, a new country band took the stage to fill the park with cowboys, apparently trying to roll their windows down for some unknown reason.

We packed up in a flash, and then began to unwind ourselves as we took in the music and sights of this fun day.  There was an enthusiastic group of young kids dressed in traditional Polish attire, dancing to wonderful ethnic music in a pavilion to our left.  There were several vendors, with delicious treats, designed to tantalize our awaiting taste buds.  There was even a beer tent.  What a country!!!  (not sure how Carl found that so fast.  Maybe it was just dumb luck).

Ahhhhh, it was a wonderful day for sure.  Just the way to start out our summer of ’16.

If you weren’t there, better not miss our next show.  Think it will be at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Twp.  Just float downstream, and we’ll snatch you out of the water.


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