Sometimes things begin slowly and cautiously.

You might not even realize it, in the beginning.  Then, it slowly, slowly crescendos, until you hear the big, huge BANG at the end!

Happened to us, just the other Sunday evening.

The bang, that is.

We were called on to entertain at a three-house party, party, in Macomb.  Not too far from where Carl and I call home.  There was a celebration to be celebrated, and these houses were just the right people to do it.

When we arrived, there were people everywhere, as you can imagine, if you have even been involved in throwing an three house affair.

Pools splashing, dogs running, children popsicle-ing.  All that was missing, at this point was an upper atmospheric show of massive and potentially deadly proportions.

The stage was set of a fun evening of summer excess.  Soon, music was in the air, as we began the very first set, tucked nicely into out garden-party place.

It was a commanding view of the entire set-up that we were enjoying, as the songs began to put all the revelers into the right mood.

For most of the party, Carl and I were mostly back ground music.  Playing the songs and melodies that kept everyone enjoying the day.  Hot breezes, cool tunes, and frozen treats!

Frozen treats???

Yep, when the crowd began to murmur that, “The firetruck was here!”, we thought that somehow, word had gotten out about the incredible fireworks, lying in wait, for the darkness.  But, no.

The “Firetruck” everyone was referring to, was more cool than hot.  Someone had gotten the brilliant idea to restore an old firetruck, and turn it into a mobile ice creme shop.

Sweet idea. (Literally).

Now, as the truck dispensed its’ cool, creamy delights and we really got into the sweet center of our gig, it was time to kick this party into the stratosphere!

With the end of our last tune, the sky erupted in a shower of amazing lights and sounds.  For more than thirty minutes, our host delighted his guest with a plethora of acrobatic sights and sensations.

This was a summer night to remember.  We were so glad that everyone had a wonderful time, helped in part by our musical talents and skills.

The host thanked us and hoped to have us back again next year for what he wanted to make an annual event.

Fine with us; although, he might find it tough to top the height of this now legendary event.


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