Ever have a perfect day?

They don’t come around too often, do they?  So when you have one, you tend to not take it for granted.

Ours came Monday, at Great Oaks Country Club, in Rochester Michigan.  In every aspect, it was a perfect day.

I’ll explain.

The weather started things out.  Perfect.  If you were playing music at a pool party, you couldn’t have imagined a better day.  It was hot, with a hint of humidity.  The perfect temperature to send you to the lake, the river the stream or, in our case, a country club pool.

If you know that its going to be hot, better get comfortable right by the pool.  The best thing to cool down with is some Jimmy Buffet, or Beach Boys music.  Or, maybe some Kenny Chesney, while you’re at it?


So, just as we are about to settle in and begin, one of the managers, comes up to us, with a check in his hand.  Getting paid before the job even begins, falls right in to that, perfect category.  Then, he tells us that they want us to play at Great Oaks for . . .       what did he say . . .   “Forever!”.  Ok, we can try.  Perfect.

The first song begins, and its apparent that the sound is going to be just right, today.
Sometimes, as you might imagine, things can be a bit out of whack.  This can be too loud or one instrument is out of tune, or not capable of being heard.  Not today.  The sound is, (you guessed it), perfect.

After we finished a wonderful first set, it was apparent how enjoyable this day was for both of us.  We could tell, because while we were playing each song, we both felt like we could have extended them all afternoon.  That, was how enjoyable they were.

Right on the heels of the first set, it was time for a break.  A perfect time to sample some of the amazing barbaque fare available on the beautiful day.  If the word, perfect actually had a taste, we could have sampled it on that day.

Set two was just as much fun as the first, with the requests beginning to pour in.  Focusing even more than usual on America, we got the opportunity to feature some songs that spotlight the amazing aspects of what it means to be truly American.

Kids were playing, with mom’s and dad’s chasing after them.  Faces were painted, bubbles were flying through the summer breeze and everywhere you looked you were treated with the sounds and sights of a perfect summer party; as timeless and satisfying as all those summer parties, long remembered.

All we needed to do was  . . .  add some perfect music.

The summer heat always beckons the music of the islands.  For some reason, it cools you down, just hearing those dulcet tones of Bob Marley and the Wailers, Kenny Chesney or the always relaxing Jimmy Buffett.

Although our last set came to an end, neither of us felt like stopping; so we didn’t!

We played two or more encores, just to keep this perfect day going.  In the end, it was time to leave.  Our job done, we gathered our equipment while chatting with the cordial members who came over to thank us for their wonderful day.

Their day might have very well been wonderful.  But, not ours.

Our day was . . . .        (you guessed it!)



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