It even sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Well, it was.  From our vantage point, (The stage), it sure looked like a great day.  Although we didn’t see it begin, only end; it sounded like everything that led up to our part in the day was just as perfect.  The Wertz Warriors, a group that raises funds to help those less fortunate than they, began the day long before we arrived.  With stops at Brownies, and the Channel Marker, to name a few.  We are glad that the winds blew them our way.

We say that, not just because they are a great group who do something about helping our community, but because, they know how to have a good time.

For our part, we did our best to make the dregs of their day just as memorable as it was, with wave upon wave of island music and more.

We played Buffett, we played Cash, we played Morrison.  Hell we even trotted out a few songs that we never do.  How about “A Boy Named Sue“?  When was the last time you heard a band play that one?  Or what about, The Battle Of New Orleans, by Johnny Horton?  Yep, I thought so.  Not in a very long time, if ever.

I will say this, and it bares repeating . . . boater know how to party.

If mere mortals attempted to go out and do what these people do, they would soon be down for the count.  If you’re not a boater, please, do not try it.  Save yourself!

They drink, they dance, they drink, they laugh, they drink, they eat, they drink, the chat, smile, shout, swim, sing . ..

All the while, they smile and have a good time.  No fighting, no fussing and no complaining.  That is how its done.

Carl and I thoroughly enjoyed our rare Wednesday evening appearance at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison twp.  The people, the staff and even Paul the owner, treats us so well that we can’t wait to return.  I’m sure that is the sentiment of any band that gets the honor of entertaining there.

As the sun went down, the music turned up.  (we have to, to compete with those huge power boats).

Just as the night was coming to a close, two amazing dancers took the stage, and everyone’s attention s well.  It was like some broadway choreographed show that we snuck in to.  Wow!

Paul, the owner was working hard to keep everyone happy, but took a moment out to tell us how happy he was that we were playing there.  He even offered us our own night next summer.

That means good things are still on the horizon.


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