Sounds like the next great horror movie, doesn’t it?

Well, in reality, the night was not horrible, just very, very strange.

On a rare Saturday night at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens, Michigan, Carl and I found ourselves part of an unusual evening.  Unusual, because it was different than most nights we have been a part of, since the beginning.

Something was in the air, all right.  Something strange.

Now, granted we were in an Irish pub in downtown Mt. Clemens, so  . . .   pretty much, anything is possible; but this night was just a bit quirky.

The very first inkling that things would be a little askew was the knowledge that over the last few weeks, Mount Clemens has become a hot spot for seeking, battling and capturing Pokemon of all shapes and sizes.

That fact in of itself is enough to illustrate that there are hoards of people out and about in the downtown area that my never have ventured there previously.

Believe it or not, Mt. Clemens has a long and storied history.  An important, vital place in Michigan’s development and longevity.  At one time, it was one of the hottest places in the entire world, as word got out of the restorative and rejuvenating properties of certain minerals in the ground.

Many fine hotels sprang up, each hawking their “Mineral Baths”, and the promise of living forever.  Some still remain, to this day.

That’s old history, really.  What’s new to the city, is the sudden onslaught of these new Pokemon pursuers.  People from all walks of life, and all ages have descended on our”Bath City”, with a sudden and unrelenting Samurai-like fury.

The streets and sidewalks are literally teeming with  kids, animals and adults, all on the the hunt for these precious Pokees.

Since the outside on this Saturday night was so unusual, why would we believe that the inside would be anything less?  Although It began as usual, a few tables of people dining peacefully while we set up and got our feet underneath us.

Then, as the first set unfolded in earnest, half of the people went home, and a few got up and went out to the patio, so they could hear better.  Also, quite typical, so far.

Then the odd things began to happen.  People walked in from the outside to use the restrooms.  Still not weird, really.  We spend every set, directing men and women to the right toilet.  However, on this night, they wouldn’t go.


Yep.  When they approached us, (as they usually do), to try and figure out which bathroom to use, many of them didn’t listen.  Carl and I observed several people ask us for directions to the correct, gender specific restroom, only to watch in disbelieve as they disregarded what we said.

Several men wen into the adjacent utility closet to do their business, and one or two women, opened the door to the street outside.  That would have been interesting to watch.  (even for an avid Pokemon hunter, like me).

So, there’s that.  And then, people just started acting squirrelly in general.

“How so?” you might offer . . .  Well, more and more people came in, walked around, walked by, walking through, walked up and down and then just as quickly, disappeared.

A mother and daughter came over, asked Carl if he was with the band.  When he said, “No.” they approached me.  Caught off guard by the entire night, I told them, “Why, yes, I was.”  At that point they both sat down and offered to share the story of their evening and lifetime with me.  After a drink, they just as quickly vanished into the night.

Still not strange enough for you?

Ok, how about this.  At one point during our third or fourth set, there was a big commotion and fuss behind us.  (near the bathroom).  And the bouncer emerged from the ladies side, holding my guitar case.  Yes, g u i t a r case.

Seems as though three of the young lovelies had taken it ransom for a while they . . .

Ok, I’m still not sure what they were going to do with it.  Anyway, we averted that particular train wreck.

Lost in all the unique comings and goings of people, cases and fictitious Japanese animated characters, was meeting a wonderful family who had just recently moved back to our area from out of state.

They were actually looking for a place where they could listen to live music.  As luck would have it, they called and injured about us.  After exploring our website, they thought that they would share their evening with us.  Carl and I are very glad that they did.

The stayed for a great portion of our show, all the while prompting us with request list after request list.  Very enjoyable, when people make requests that we can share with them.  They truly made the night fun.

Sometimes you set out to search for things, but end up finding something quite un-looked for all together.  This night was all about that.

The bouncer said it best . . . “Them Pokemon’s are up in people’s heads!”.  “That’s why they actin’ so weird.”

A sage is a sage, no matter how much they make per hour.


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