While most of us know it to be an Audrey Hepburn movie from the sixties, about a blind girl, it’s also coincidentally, the name of a local rock band that showed up to play at Bumper’s Landing on Friday night.

The irony: they too were blind to what was going on.

Interesting plot, huh?

Here’s the screen play: Two local musicians show up to play at a local restaurant/bar, (Bumper’s Landing); only to find another local band already setting up.  With hilarious consequences!

Yep, that was exactly what happened last Friday evening.  Ah, the life of a rock star . . .

So, what did we do? you might ask . . .

Well we contacted the person who does the booking for the venue and told them that a band was already set up and ready to play.  We, on the other hand were looking forward to having a well deserved night off.  We would just have a couple, (yeah, right), brews and enjoy just sitting and listening to some great local, musical talent.

That’s what we wanted to do.  That’s not, however, what the owner wanted.  The owner wanted us to play, and them to pack up and leave.  So, as you might imagine, that is exactly what happened.

After Nicole, the manager gave them the news, we just sat, watched and waited.

Eventually, they got the message and departed.  Mostly.  So after they left, we set up to begin the night.   . . . about 30 minutes late.  Well, we more than made up for it over the next few hours.

Funny how our outlook always changes when we are scheduled to play at Bumper’s.  In the van on the way to a Bumper’s gig, we usually imagine how the evening will be simple, nice and quiet.  They will sit politely and listen to our music.  We won’t bother them, and they won’t bother us.

And then reality hits us.

                      Bumper’s is crazaaay!


We have no idea what’s going to happen there on any given night; but, it’s always something crazy.  Every night that we have played this summer has been insane.  Always a different vibe, different energy; and lots of it.

Beginnning a little late, we pretty much launched into our first set, that normally, we take a little easier.  Not tonight.

Friends came calling during our first break, and explanations ensued as to what was happening, and what just happened.  (Sometimes you see things and still are blind as to what has just transpired).

Not even having the chance to catch our breath, we vaulted right back into the music for our second set.  It got busier and busier, (a good thing), without even a moment for us to rest.

That’s fine.  We can rest when we’re dead.

The crowd was, as always fun.  The night had fewer bugs than we have waded through the last few times.  All in all it was another great night at Bumper’s Landing.

With shouts of encore! still ringing in our heads, we began the grueling task of packing up another show.  Darkness entered in all around us.  We can’t keep the lights on to gather our equipment, so we do it blind.

But, not totally.  We still can see a fun future at Bumper’s.  We have no idea what that means, but we see it . . .


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