One of the wonderful things that we get to do in the summer, (Or any time of the year, for that matter), is to play a show for children.

We just got a chance to do just that, on Wednesday.  Of course, we had to travel a few hours to accomplish that; but it was well worth it.

Carl and I jumped in the van, and at the chance to do a kids’ show on another side of our wonderful state.  Bay City.

It was a beautiful day, though a little on the sweltering side, for sure.  That being said, it was a very enjoyable ride, across the Zilwaukee bridge.

Arriving in that fair city, we quickly located the waterfront, and our location near the band shell.  When I say, “near” the band shell, I mean, just that.

Of course it would have been wonderful to be on the band shell stage, because, then, we would have been out of the incredible heat.  But now, the stage was reserved for setting up the evening entertainment.

So, we would set up in front of the stage.  Perfect.  What better way to further celebrate just what it means to be an urban rock star.  Also, we would be much closer to the kids.  That was the important reason that we were on the ground.

We prefer to work in close proximity with the kids, so we can interact with them much easier.  After all, we use a tremendous amount of props, and it works much better that way.

So at 11:30, we began our show.  Gearing all the music to either fun songs, or fun things that the children could participate in.

There was a Unicorn, a creaky ship and lots of chicken lips stew all mixed together in a harmony that ended with Sebastian singing about the perils of the Human world.

Hula hoops, bubbles and plenty of shakers gave the youngsters a way to join in on the fun.

The hour flew by, and soon Carl and I were winging our way back to reality in Macomb.

Taking pause before we embarked to gaze up at the rafters of the band shell, where the placards of so many gifted musicians lined the walls.  An amazing testament to years and years of talented musicians who have given so much of themselves to bring entertainment and music to this quaint community.

Although we didn’t leave our publicity still, (We don’t actually have one), we did hopefully leave even more than our sweat and enthusiasm; an enjoyable musical memory.

But that is not for us to decide.


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