Sunday was just right.

The Shelby Art fair, that is.  Sunday was perfect.

Saturday . . .

Well, in the life of a “rock star”, you have to learn to roll with the punches.  To take the good with the bad.  Saturday was hot, sticky and hectic.  We needed to do everything we did to accommodate the other bands, the other people and mother nature.

We did, but, it was a lot of work and stress.

Sunday, was simply a day for us to enjoy all by ourselves.

Once in a while that happens.  Everything falls into place, and we get a rare day that is very very enjoyable.  Today, was one of those experiences.

From the moment we arrived at the Shelby Park, the vibe was so much slower and enjoyable.  We didn’t have to compete with anyone for a parking space, the stage or anything, for that matter.

We got in early, set up and had time to chat with some great people and vendors at this year’s show.  Sometimes after the hectic concerts we have been putting in, a day with a nice slow pace is so welcome, that it is even hard to express or explain.

“Easy like Sunday morning.” I believe is the phrase.

And so it was today.  We got in, set up and after a while began the first of two sets.  (As a matter of fact, we were so eager to begin our show, we started ten minutes early.  A far cry from the day before.

On Saturday, last, we were running, dodging, playing and escaping.  We needed to hurry to set up.  We needed to hurry to take our equipment back down; and we had to make sure that the rain didn’t inundate us at any point.

I can say that we managed to succeed at every level, though I believe that after a long month and night like we had just experienced in Friday, we did so barely.

Still reeling from the incredible night before, we needed to pull ourselves together on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 to serenade the sparse crowd at the park.

Sparse because of the eminent rain approaching.

We did a fair job. (No pun intended), and had more than a few pleased comments.  However, to us the entire pace of the day was way too hectic and sticky to really enjoy.

Sunday, on the other hand was everything that we enjoy in an event and a little bit more.

From the very beginning of the day, it was apparent that Sunday was going to be the pick of the litter.  The humidity was way down, the temp was comfortable and the pace was noticeably slower and outwardly more pleasing.

In fact, as Carl and I pulled up to the stage well before 11:00, we had the entire area to our selves.  After quickly and easily setting up, we were so eager to play that we began nearly ten minutes early.  (Don’t tell our manager).

As we announced several times to the bustling throng of art-fair aficionados, we were truly enjoying the opportunity we had to play.  It is one of our very favorites events of this or any summer.

We really, really love playing art fairs.  It is an chance focus to play a very different genre of music.

We are afforded the opportunity to play “listening music”.  Music that you may not get to hear at many of our shows, for one reason or another.

We can dip into our mixed bag of musical diversity, by tapping into our forty year repertoire of not-so-classic, for the aural edification of the artistic enthusiasts.


You know, music lovers.

At an rate, we were having a great time, entertaining the Shelby Township art fair goers.

Song after treasured song was offered and enjoyed by the eager patrons.  We did all that two men with little or no talent and two fairly expensive guitars could do.  It was now, time to move on.

But not before we listened to the next band, The Rick Lieder Band, with special guest Marshall.  What a talented band.  Carl and I could listen to them all day, every day and not get tired.

So smooth, so enjoyable.

Sunday was special to us.  The laid-back vibe we felt was the perfect way to begin a wonderful summer Sunday.  A summer that while being incredibly busy, has been extremely memorable.

The calm before the next storm, we’re sure.


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