Just another Thursday evening at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township.

What do we mean by that?

Who knows.  We have no idea what we mean.  Thursday night, or Friday or any night at Bumper’s for that matter.  It makes no difference what night of the week it is, we are just as clueless on a Wednesday as we are on Saturday evening.

Bumper’s is a lot like Michigan weather; you can’t really predict it, you just hold on and ride it out.  That’s what we have learned to do.  Just hold on.

We never know who will be there, how many, or even what to expect beyond, whomever arrives will want to have a great time.  We do know that.

Bumper’s is a party destination.  Most everyone has a smile on when they come ashore.  They gather to relax, refuel and share a story or two with their friends, family or stranger.

After our second summer of entertaining on the glorious banks of the Clinton River, we do know that.

Last night was no exception, as we arrived as we usually do with no clear idea just what lay ahead.  The parking lot was barren, only an hour before we were to entertain.

However, as began to set up our gear, the boats began docking and people started to fill the tables and stools.  By the time we were ready to light up the first song, there was a group of revelers ready to fill their bellies with ale and delights from the kitchen.

Although apparently there was a big fund raising event the previous night, it looked as though the weather was going to be perfect.  A factor that was sure to bring in a big crowd, even though it was only a mere  Thursday evening.

We began tentatively enough; with our old stand-by Jimmy Buffett to lean on.  He never lets us down.  Jimmy, Bob and Johnny all had a hand in the first set.  Creedence, Young and Phillips grabbed hold of the second.  Before we knew it, the entire deck was filled, frenetic and fun.

Once again, Carl and I simply tried to hold on and go where the crowd willed us to go.

The only thing that we could do was to keep stoking their enthusiastic fires with more and more music.  Before we knew it, the moon was up and bathing the entire riverside in the warm, summer glow of well earned happiness.

With the sounds of Bob Marley’s one-world urgings of “One Love” reverberating down the water, we closed our eventful evening.  Everyone was happy.  Well everyone we could see by the soft moonlight.  Our job was done.  Time to pack it all up, throw it back in the van until tomorrow night.

We might not know what to expect when we arrive at some of our shows; but we can usually count on what will happen when we give our all through our music.

I guess it our way of restoring some order to thus unpredictable world.


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