They’re back.  The Three Blind Mice, that is; from a long summer vacation.

Friday night Carl and I enjoyed a wonderful night of music and fun as we entertained the crowd at the Mice.

Patrons have been away for the most part this summer; on their boats and their patios or outdoor malls.  But, inside a pub in the late evening, is not where they have been for the most part.

While we have had lots of fun, the crowds have been thin and early to elope.

Now with the fall nearly upon us, the urge to gather together with food and ale has united people in the quest for a night out with entertainment.  Glad to oblige everyone.

It was nearly full when we began on Friday, with requests beckoning us, right out of the gate.

It was quite apparent, early on that this night was going to be a bit different than those that we have had lately, as the crowds began to grow after the first set was completed.

Our usual mellow opening music quickly gave way to a bevy of un rehearsed up-tempo hits , to the delight of the enthusiastic audience.  Our customary Jimmy Buffett appetizer was now transformed into a delicious John Denver entree.

A old Pirate Looks At Forty gave way to a majestic Rocky Mountain High.  I doubt that on this night, it mattered much what we played; it was more about that way we played them.  We kept the tempo high and loose and the music fun and daring.  Just what the people needed.

During our first break, we got to know several of the happy customers who stopped by on this particular Friday night.  People from West Bloomfield, people from Troy, people from Tennessee, all sharing a night out with food, drink and fun.

Carl and I spent our second set playing our version of Stump The Band: the game where we throw out some music trivia, and make the audience think a little bit, without the aid of their precious cell phones.

We won, as we usually do, since most everyone pales in comparison to our uncanny musical knowledge.  Ok, except some old guy who knew that Fire was written by Bruce Springsteen.  Lucky guess, probably!

Anyway the night was going great.  People would give us requests and delight as we shared our version of their favorite songs with them.  It was a challenge that we were more than ready to except.

For the most part this summer, the nights would start out good, but then dissipate quickly like fish flies in the breeze; but not tonight.  Tonight the crowd got bigger as the night wore on.

We hauled out all of our party music, and even dusted off the classic tale: A Boy Named Sue, for a very special request.

I was a great high to begin what we hope to be a wonderful fall.  This summer of sixteen has been magical.  If this fall is even somewhere close, it will be the stuff memories are made of.


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