Playing music at Great Oaks Country Club in beautiful Rochester Michigan is about as close as any music event gets.

The club is nestled in the countryside of amazing, upscale Rochester, with easy access to any major road in the area; so its a breeze to get to.

The venue is beautiful inside and out; with every detail immaculately maintained for optimum elegance for its membership.

Plus, we are playing on the pool deck, so close to the “beautiful people” that we probably should have a restraining order.

We begin early in the day, and end in the afternoon: Perfect!  No late nights here.

The food is plentiful and delicious.  The scenery is spectacular and they even pay us for it!

As we were telling one of the long-time members this weekend, Brian Connolly brought us to the Oaks from Gowani Golf Course in Harrison township, back in the early 90’s.

Brian’s focus in those years was to challenge the old-school mentality of a club that catered to adult golfers, and broaden its appeal to include families, kids and team athletics.

In the early days, we played music for the older members down by the great oaks, themselves.  A group of oak trees down in the valley past the clubhouse.

They were removed in the late nineties to make room for some social improvements.  When that transpired, we moved to the tennis courts.  Some years later, under the new management, we were moved to our current location by the pool deck.

The transformation took some years, but the difference is astounding, as evident in these holiday pictures taken of the current membership enjoying the pool.

Now, at Great Oaks, Families rule!

Brian has long since moved on, however, we are still part of his enduring legacy.  We have played each Memorial, Fourth Of July and Labor Day since.  We treasure our time at Great Oaks; the venue, the members, the music and the memories.

After each and every performance, we still hear welcome comments from the delighted members.  They still seem as happy to hear our music as we are to offer it.

This year was no exception, as the mixture of perfect weather, sumptuous food and adult beverages plied the smiling faces and exuberant bodies into a state of musical nirvana.

Carl and I hope to entertain under the Great Oaks for many, many more years.  Ok, by the pool, but you get the idea!


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