On Friday night at the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mt. Clemens Michigan, there was a big celebration.  Ryan Taylor had his 30th birthday party in our pub, and shared it with us.  The best part is that Ryan is my nephew, and a pretty great kid.

Even though he has an awesome job, a wonderful new bride and some of the best friends a guy could ask for, he still shared his big night with his family and everyone at the Mice. We were just lucky enough to be there to entertain.  And what a night it was.

The evening began very quickly, as a group of our fans descended on us before we were even set up with a long list of requests, created by somewhat of an committee.

No problem at all.

In fact, it is well known that Carl and I really enjoy a good challenge.  We began our first set with several of those requests, and the night escalated from there.

The list was long and very thorough; with two sides, actually.  Probably the best list of requests that we have ever been a part of.  It must have taken a very long time to come up with all of those artists and songs.  The very least we could do would be to honor it appropriately enough, but playing as many of them as we could.

After the first set was in the books, we had barely made a dent in it, but had plenty more to offer.  The birthday party was ramping up nicely, as more and more chairs became added to the party table.  (Quite understandably, really, as Ryan is quite the celebrity.  Among all the things he does, he has been modeling and has even been part of a commercial that aired nationally).  The mouse was full and roaring, at that point.

What ensued was a battle-royal for what song we would sing next.

With both tables vying for our musical attention, there were no innocent bystanders. Everyone was now part of the audio fallout.  We sang Irish, country, pop, oldies, island and even a few novelty tunes thrown into the mix, as the evening settled in nicely.

The entire first floor was packed, with the upstairs being open for the first time this fall. It was a very good night.

With a crowd of this size, it would be normal to assume that the wait-staff couldn’t keep up; not true!  The gals that work at The Mice are some of the hardest working, nicest, smartest, most patient women that we have had the great fortune to work with.

From the kitchen, to the serving floor to back behind the bar, every one of them excels at what they do.  They are real testament to the owners and management staff, as each one of them gives their all to each and every customer, with a smile on their faces.

Carl and I see everything that goes on as we entertain, and generally don’t take enough time to thank them for making our job easier.  Also, they bring us beer, so there’s that.

Anyway, back to the birthday party that began winding down around midnight.  It seemed a huge success.  I know that we had a wonderful time, just being part of it.

There were friends, there was family, there was even cake, and singing, and laughing, and shots and just some making of wonderful memories.  It means so much to us when a group wants to share their big events with us.  It really says a lot.

Everyone seemed to be in great spirits on this Friday evening.  We had old friends gather in the corner and stay most of the night.  We also had friends at the bar-top stay for a few drinks before surrendering to dinner hunger.  We even had the return of one special guy named Boo.


So, all and all, it was another memorable night at The Mice.  And just when we thought that it couldn’t get any more memorable, the door opened, and twenty people all walked in, around midnight.

Seems as though a group that was performing at The Double D Bar & Grill down the street, had a problem with their gig.  Their bar had to close down, so they thought they would take their friends and their party up-town to the Three Blind Mice!

It’s always something in this business.  Carl and I were only too happy to give up our stage so that they could do their last set for their friends.

The Shelly Miller Band grabbed our guitars and away they went.  (Well, musically, that is).

Shelly began belting out some of her best/most passionate originals as her crowd cheered them on.  Incredible guitar playing and tight harmonies made listening to their band very enjoyable.  Great to see two wonderful performers, so into their music.

After their stunning set, Carl and I took back the stage for one more song to put a nightcap on this memorable evening.

Thirty years goes by pretty fast, I’ll tell you.  And its getting faster by the day.  we were there for many of the birthdays in Ryan’s life, and hope to be for many more.

We know that he will make the most of his days, just like he has so far.  We wish him well, and plan to be part of the next celebration, if in ten, twenty of fifty years!


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