So with the close of the summer season, it was time to say goodbye to the Bumper’s boaters. We played the final show of this incredible summer; and what a summer it was.

Interestingly enough, Saturday night was a complete microcosm of our time at Bumper’s Landing.  One set hot, one set cool, and most of them enjoyable and eminently memorable.

Our arrival at five O’clock was announced by an pleasant and mostly problem free set-up.  We met some fun people who wanted nothing more than one more chance at prolonging their endless summer.  They were geeked up, and ready to rock N’ roll.  No problem, that was just what we were there for.  We began fast and amped up right out of the gate.  Seems as though this group of boat people didn’t come across the water to find freedom, but to party down!

They needed 80’s music, and that was fine too.  We could do that.  So, we played some eighties, mixed with country, pop and some of the best classic rock any group could muster.

The first set was fast and furious, as request after request came showering down on our unsuspecting heads.  As we got our sea legs under us, we were more than happy to oblige each and every request that was lobbed our way.  That is, except that legendary Journey classic, “Wheel In The Sky“.  Sorry boys.

Well, they must have been pretty happy, because they sent us the appropriate thank you; two delectable shots of Jack Daniel’s whiskey!

When Carl and I reconvened to offer our second set of the evening, the sun was just about going down.  That was our que to play the Kenny Chesney hit of the same name, to the delight of everyone those country fans on the patio.

Just about then, we noticed that there was another class reunion in the house. The Warren high school class of 1981 was gathering to say hello to their long lost classmates.  Seems as though the high school was going to meet inside for the moment, although we would stand fast and man our post under the sheltering pavilion.

The darkness fell on the waterfront, and with it, a gusty wind that sent many of the patrons inside for warmth.  We stayed outside to share our music with the hardy customers who snuggled together by the cabana.

Under the navigational lights of the bar-top, we let loose with the dancyest songs in our repertoire.  The breeze died down just as the patrons found their second wind.  We finished the night with more Johnny Cash, and a little bit of Willie Nelson, as we announced it was time for us to be “On The Road Again“.

People were happy, satisfied and just this side of content.  We couldn’t have asked for any more than that, as the summer of sixteen came to an magnanimous conclusion.

It seems as though Carl and I will be back again next summer, as Paul, Natasha and company were so very enjoyable to work with.

Next year should be better than ever.  The word is out about Bumper’s Landing, and the word is . . . FUN!


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