On a still winter night in December, Carl and I played Christmas music in an unusual way; in a garage, and on a boat.

It was holiday party time, and we were up to the task.  Setting up in an garage in Harrison Twp., we were ready and waiting for the fun to begin, even before the appointed time.

We had been asked to entertain at at holiday party that we had been to previously a summer or so back.  (See Up On The Roof).

As I mentioned, we got there early to set up.  (You never really know what to expect, until you arrive).  We set up or equipment, and staged our other set of equipment for what was to come next:  The Boat.

It seems our hosts had chartered a boat ride on the historic Clinton river for all their guests to enjoy; and we were to be the holiday music.

As the evening truly got under weigh, Carl and I boarded the Captain Paul II and readied our equipment at the bow.

The boat departed close to 8:00 to the delight of all the excited holiday revelers.  We had begun the Christmas music even before that, to do our best at keeping everyone warm and in good spirits.  It was about 12 degrees near the back of the boat, although they did try to keep us warm by providing a portable heater.

As we set sail, the music washed over everyone and provided the perfect backdrop for the arrival of the big man himself, Santa!  Even though we have heard he only comes once a year, he sure does his best to spread himself around.  We admire that.

As the boat made its way down the picturesque Clinton, many people waved or came out of their houses to take a look at all the clatter.  A few of the heartier revelers sang along, and some even grabbed their phones to document the festivities.

Smiles, though cold and careful, were neither frozen or nonexistent.  People were drinking, laughing, shouting and singing, singing, singing.

Although it seemed more than a few guests were wondering about the final hours of the Titanic, for us, it was truly a memorable affair.  Carl and I will never forget it, that is certain.

Around 10:00, as the boat docked, we took our que to strike the equipment at the bow and set everything back up inside.  We took about fifteen minutes, and they began to belt out the party music once again.  (The notes just seemed a little warmer, is all.)

All the guests had now settled down to make ready for the “grand finale” portion of the evening.  However, after only about three songs, we had word that another gifted musician was in the house.

Yes, right in the middle of our first set back, we were treated to the acoustic mastery of one  talented guest.  He twinkled the ivories for a while, to the delight of everyone in the room, and then just as quickly, turned the rest of the night’s entertaining chores back to us.

By that time, everyone was warmed up to a toasty-like glow, with Mr. Alcohol leading us in his special brand of fellowship.

With the guests singing and dancing, it seemed as though the party was a complete success.  Who says you need heat to create fire!

We thanked our hosts for another memorable event and loaded our gear back into the Bob and Carl mobile.  Time to head home and focus on the next holiday extravaganza awaiting us!



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