On any given Friday night when Carl and I are performing, you would notice more than a few things.

The very first thing that is that we have no script to follow.  We have no set list of music, or song sheet, set order or idea of which way we are even heading, musically.

What I mean to say, is that we decide on the very first two songs to begin any performance with, and wing it from there.

I imagine that comes as no surprise to anyone who has heard us entertain for very long.  We set out in on direction, and then decide to stay the course, or turn around and go in a completely different direction all together.

We might begin with an Irish song, and then make the quick decision to throw out a country song next.  The determining factor is always the audience.

We play for the people.

Our job is to entertain, make happy, and hopefully create an environment that they will enjoy so much, they will want to return with even more people.

That’s the goal; to help people enjoy their experience, using songs as the tool to make it happen.

When you think about it really, it isn’t that difficult.  After all, the folks are breaking out of their usual routine by going somewhere that they believe will be a positive experience.

They are either going out for good food, good drinks, companionship or all of the above.  If we can provide them with quality entertainment on top of that, then its a win-win!

Translation: They are going out to have a good time.  All we have to do, is not mess that up.

In December, it gets even tougher.

Our last Friday night was just like that.  You could actually see how tired people were from the turmoil and stress of the impending holidays.  After only a few moments with them, you could see the exhaustion in their eyes.

The holiday season is like that now; with everyone on a nearly impossible mission to unearth the perfect gift.  The schedule is brutal, if not unattainable.  Making sure that your house is decorated and glowing and inviting; no wonder everyone is whipped when they come through the doors.

When the patrons are in need for some energy, it is up to us to provide it.  That is why we need to be upbeat and accessible to everyone’s favorite musical genre or artist.

Another trend we have been seeing as of late, is how most people are turning in early.  It used to be that you would need to turn op the lights to usher patrons out of the bar at three am.  No more.

No one hardly stays out late any more.  Our court system has taken care of that.  No one can afford to make that mistake; and we totally understand.  This time of year, more than not, people want to get home early.

It is a great challenge to us, to entertain by reading the patrons’ musical desires.

We need to be up-beat and fun.  It’s tough, because realistically, it is very difficult to keep up that pace for four or five hours, straight.

The positives are there too.   The Three Blind Mice is a very inviting place to play.  People feel comfortable there, and at a ease.  They can relax and let the troubles of the world fly away, without really giving a care.  We are part of that relaxation process.

Helping the pub on this night was a very friendly band named Vintage Ink.  Their lead singer was very kind to us, complimenting our singing.  Always greta to hear that from fellow musicians.

Great atmosphere, great food, great drink and happy music is a the perfect recipe for enjoyable evening.  On any given Friday, there is fun to be had.

Come on in, we’ll prove it to you!




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