It seems like Irish Heritage Night was a big hit last year.  (or, the rainstorm gods put in a good word for us).  Either way, on a particularly blustery evening in may, we were back doing what we do best . . .

Wait, well, maybe not what we do best, but what people like us to do best.  Irish Music!

It was take me out to the cutest little ball-park in America night again, and we loved it!

I even got to meet and chit-chat with the owner and one-of-a-kind entrepreneur, Andy Appleby.

Arriving early, as we love to do, we found out to our great surprise that in the months since our last visit in 2016, the good people at Jimmy John’s Stadium had build a stage for us as well.  (well, maybe not for just us. but we certainly like to think so).

After spreading out and setting up, it became apparent that we were going to have lively night, fighting the wind to get our music out between innings.  No problem really, as they gave us our own intern to abuse in the down time.  Ok, that might not be the appropriate term to use, but you get the gist.

We did a short set before the game got underweight, and then parlayed that into a half-song between innings or so, throughout the night.  And so on, and so on.

Although the week-long forecast had called for rain, there was eventually not even a cloud in the sky.  There was a bit of a forty or fifty mile an hour wind though, so that was fun.

The stadium looks great again this year. More improvements, more vendors, more fun!!

I even got a moment or two to watch a bit of an exciting whiffle-ball game!

It was a magical evening for everyone involved.

Carl and I hope to be back again soon!


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