While this will be our fourth summer at The Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in Mount Clemens, Michigan; there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon.

From the moment we arrived, to the moment we playing our last song of the night, we had a great time with the big, enthusiastic crowd.

This summer, there is defiantly something palpable in the air that cannot be denied.  You heard it here first, but I think what we are experiencing is the return of, The Summer Of Love!

Something is in the air all right.  I can see it, feel and and even sense that this summer will be very, very special.  The vibe is just right for so many wonderful, crazy things to happen, that I am betting, something certainly will.

We are doing our part, that is for sure.  Carl and I are giving our all into every song, during every set, on every single night we play.  So far, the response has been tremendous, as the give-and-take from the patrons has been expressly rewarding, to say the least.

The Mice always has a good, fun crowd, and this Friday night was no exception.  Glasses were full and frothing, the conversation was stimulating and the music was flowing.  So much so, that we almost have a tough time taking a break on some nights.

Indeed, on one of our breaks, I had the good fortune to head upstairs to take in one of the Mice’s favorite sons’ bands’ CD release party.

Kevin Covert‘s band Auto Pilot was pulsating on the big stage upstairs.  The rafters were rattling and the people were nodding in unison as the music grabbed them and wouldn’t let go until all the encores lay echoing on the floor.

Lucky for us, that we playing at a venue that always has great entertainment, so we can count on a great crowd on any given night.

After climbing back downstairs and slinging the guitars back over our shoulders, we took the remains on the night and drained ever last drop that could be savored.

When we left, we felt that we had given everything there was to give to the appreciative patrons on this Friday evening.

That is always a great feeling for entertainers.  To simply give all, and be appreciated for it.


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