Our experience at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Township. was pretty much what we have come to expect by now: Wild!

Most of our nights could be described as such over the past few seasons.  We show up, set up and then try and hang on for dear life, as the evening unfolds around us.

Bumper’s as I have said many times by now, is full of boaters. And, boaters are there for one thing; fun!

They have fun no matter what they are doing.  They chat, they drink, they eat, they do whatever they do, pretty much all night and day.  We are simply there to play the sound-track to their unwavering happiness.

Last Saturday, it all began with a wedding.  Well, not exactly a wedding; but the wedding party.  And party they did.  We could hardly even load our equipment in from the throng of guests, in the midst of celebration.

Happy people, drinking and enjoying.  That is what we have come to expect by now at Bumper’s.

We began fast, right out of the gate.

Blasting them with the Buffett – (the raining God celebrating boaters), and other island party hits, right between their eyes.  It must have been the right formula, because their response was just what we thought it would be: euphoria.

The problems we had experienced with our equipment last week were all but eliminated at this point.  That left us with a much easier and relaxing time to enjoy for ourselves.

It gave us an opportunity to mingle a bit more.  To chat with some new friends and get better acquainted with others.

During our breaks, Carl and I try our best to listen to our audience.  To hear what they enjoy about the show; and hope that we might include in our next set.

Since our first set was so lengthy and up-tempo, we thought that we would follow it up with a second set that was more laid-back and introspective.

Nope, that wasn’t in the cards.  We just cranked it up even further, until they broke out the hula-hoops!

Not really sure what that meant, but they did it.  Having their own little hula contest near the water.

Hula-hoops gave way to dancing, and dancing was all being hosted by a little guy in a cowboy hat doing his best Kenny Chesney impression.  He directed and enterpretated each and every song that we shared with the audience.

He was animated, he was interesting and he was fun.

All the things that we prize in an entertainer.  As long as we didn’t have to split our pay with him, we really didn’t care what he did.  When he took a tumble off the cement, everyone gasped; but only for a second.  He popped right back up and continued on with the show!

That was pretty much an microcosm of our entire night.  No matter what happens at Bumper’s, you just keep plodding along.

It’s all fun, it’s all good.

This particular night ran full-tilt from beginning to end at break-beak speed.  All that we could do was to hold on for dear life.

Eventually, it was dark, and time to play the last song.  No one complains, no one yells.  They simply smile and go inside for more partying.

Ahh, to be one of those happy people.  To be a  . . . boater!


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