On the night of our return to the Three Blind Mice Irish Pub in elusive downtown Mount Clemens, it was evident just how comfortable we had become there.

Since we first began playing in the fall of 2013, we have become quite accustomed to our place near the big kegs on the bottom floor of the “Mice”.

So comfortable that is, that when we arrive to set up, and there are tables of people that we need to politely move a few feet so we can make room for our electronic apparatus, it hardly bothers us at all.

Ok, it still bothers us. (we really hate to disrupt anyone from there enjoyable evening).

But, we do it.

We have been playing there so long, we know just about every nook and cranny in the place.  (Oh, there’s lots of them).

We know the acoustics, the size of the room, the amount of people that will heckle us.  Yes, we know what’s going on and what could possibly go wrong.

We even know which bathroom is for ladies, and which one if for the gentleman.  (And, we spend a great deal of our time directing people that don’t in the correct direction.)

SO, after moving some nice people a few feet to get the night rolling, we had the great fortune to pick just the right songs to make them happy enough to hang around for a while.

I say, “just the right song”, because, sometimes the music lures people in.  If we do it right, the music, grabs them, holds them and keeps them “hostage”, (in a good way), until they don’t even realize the night is drawing close.


On this night, everything seemed to go as planned.  We know the crowd by now, we know the acoustics, the beer and liquor selections.  We know the staff, the food, the entrance and exits, (should there be a scuffle).  We know just about everything about playing the Mice, by now.

We are comfortable there.  And, with good reason.  It’s a great place to unwind and listen to some good music.  Well, there are a lot of great entertainers there.  Very talented, as a matter of fact, on the nights we’re not there!

This Friday, as I mentioned, we settled in and really spent some time with the people at the tables close at hand.

There were two couples there that we have known and entertained before, and a couple tables of folks that we have just met.

We love both; meeting new people that enjoy are music and effort, and people who come back because of us.

The very best part of our night is having people who request all the music that we love to play.  On this night, it was just that way for us.

They asked for a song or artist, and we offered them our very best version of something resembling it.

Nothing could have been better.  That will make an entertainer comfortable, right away.

After those people departed, the younger crowd arrived.  They all sat a one huge table and had a great time chatting amongst themselves about whatever was important to them.

We filled in background music, and enjoyed ourselves until it was 1:00 am.

Another great night at the Mouse.

Another fun time.

Another memorable, comfortable gig, in the lives of two, hard-working rock stars!


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