Sometimes, even in this business, everything can go right.

It doesn’t happen very often, mind you, but occasionally, it does happen.

Just such an occurrence came to pass this past Saturday afternoon, as we arrived at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Twp.  We thought that it might be a little cool and cloudy, as the weather had been “bumpy” most of the day.

As you already know, the weather in Michigan is an iffy proposition on most days, but in the summer, when its hot, hot, hot, a storm could manifest itself almost instantaneously.

On Saturday afternoon, although not in danger of storming, the air was cool and a little disenchanting, if I was a boater. (Which, sadly I am not).

It seemed like the type of day that could go either way in an moment.  However, when Carl and I arrived to set up, the wind stood down and the sun came out to bless everyone.

The boaters were already in place doing what boaters do: enjoying each and every shred of each moment.

After a smooth set-up, Carl and I gathered ourselves for the first set; still aching and tired from yesterdays’ long evening of playing.  We thought that maybe we would put it on auto-pilot and let the music do the rest.


Right from the very first song the audience was engaged and empowered.  They directed us to play song after song of each and every genre possible.

That was fine as well.  You know how we love to be requested.

So the music was flowing, the wonderful staff of amazing waiters and waitresses, did all that they could to bring us liquid refreshments and encouragement.

The afternoon was settling in to an almost picture-perfect setting all around.

People poured into Bumper’s faster than we could even imagine.  That’s fine by us, we would love to entertain them all.  Smiles were everwhere.

Patrons wanted to request songs, shake hands, take pictures with us.  It was so much fun that we didn’t want it to end.

Inside was crowded, outside was packed and the boats were still coming in!

Dogs, dresses, cover-ups, hats, beer, nachos and sunglasses ruled the dock-side.

Before we even knew it, we were into our last set under the watchful eye of Mr. Moonlight.

It’s a pretty good crowd for a Saturday 
And the manager gives me a smile 
‘Cause he knows that it’s me they’ve been comin’ to see 
To forget about life for a while

Billy Joel

Sometimes, its hard to describe any singular show that we perform.  There are always things that stand out about any gig we entertain at; and this one was no exception.

What we’ll remember about this particular Saturday night, is simply how each and every phase of it was absoloutly perfect.  The people, the night, the music, all as good as it gets.

When people ask us how we enjoy being “Rock Stars”, we always laugh.  However, sometimes, when everything is perfection, it feels pretty damned good!


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