Being a member of an country club has got to be a pretty great feeling.

Being with good friends and all-around wonderful people in an idyllic setting to play the challenging pastime of golf; pretty amazing.

Well, Carl and I are not members of Gowanie Country Club in Mount Clemens, but we did get the opportunity to entertain some of their members last Friday evening.

I think that all in all, it was a very enjoyable evening for everyone involved.

After a leisurely set-up, Carl and I settled in for a smooth afternoon of playing.  It was our first show at this venue in a couple years, and the very first engagement to entertain their membership.

If Fridays’ event was any gauge of what to expect, I certainly hope that we will be back in a bigger capacity.  The members that we chatted with during our breaks and even during our performance thoroughly enjoyed what they heard.

The music seemed right in their sweet-spot, as we played request after request to the delight of the group.

The food, drink and music all seemed to be the perfect formula on this wonderful summer evening.

There were lots of clouds and storms for regular people in Macomb County, but none for the members of Gowanie.  As the wind and clouds raced past us, we became nervous of what might happen to the picturesque evening; but quickly dismissed it as weatherman’ folly.

The only thing that tried to dampen an otherwise perfect setting were the suddenly ravenous mosquitoes.

Although they drove the members inside to the bar for our last half hour of the night; they couldn’t stop the show.

Carl and I just grabbed our acoustic guitars, and followed the people inside for an impromptu serenade by the bar!

What fun!

We are coming back again to Gowanie, and will be looking forward to it with great fervor.

It was a great night.  Thanks to everyone who made us feel like, members for the night!




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