Boat people got it all.

No, I’m not referring to possessions, fortune or fame.  I’m talking about being happy.

Happy is the one thing that everyone is chasing.  Maybe they just a aren’t looking in the right place, because as far as I can tell, it’s right there, by the water.

I can say that because happy is what we encounter as we roll up to the Tiki bar at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township, every time we play.

We look at the people who are already there, and they are happy.  We set up and get ready to play, and they are happy.

We play music, we drink, we people watch, and they are happy.

If it rains . . . happy.

If it snows . . .            well, I’m not sure, but I guarantee they would be out playing in it with big smiles on their faces!

You see a pattern here, at all?

We do.  Boaters are the happiest people we have encountered.  No matter what, they arrive, they enjoy, and the whole time, they are happy.

Carl and I feel that it probably doesn’t matter what we do or play, because, they would still be right where they are, smiling, drinking, laughing, boating.

Its all good, all right.

That is the biggest reason that we love playing at Bumper’s.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty more reasons.

The staff is so hard working and dedicated.  They take care of us, and treat us with friendship and respect.  (you don’t always get that.)

The venue has a great vibe for musicians.  For a stage, there is a nice pavilion that is shaded and easily accessible.

The owner treats the help like they are real people.  That is a rarity these days.  He obviously knows the value of hard work, because, you can see him setting up ,tearing down and even busing tables as needed.

When staff people see the big boss working as hard as he does, they will work even harder and longer, since they feel a kinship and appreciation.

So with that “happy” mentality, we began our musical journey on Saturday afternoon at six O’clock, by the water.

It was busy, and about to get really busy.  That suits us just fine, as the music got increasingly faster, livelier and more personal.

The crowd was all-in as they beer-lifted the boaters up a wave to another whole elevation.

Out came the hula-hoop accompanied by more and more dancers.  People were everywhere.  The outside as well as the inside was packed with more and more happy revelers.

We try and play to our audience, as the evening progresses.  We played for more than five hours and really only took three breaks.  That is how much fun we were having!

Just when you think that it can’t be any better at Bumper’s, it proves us wrong!

The boaters bring out the best in us, as was we try to desperately keep up.  We can bring the music all right; the smiles are on them.

And, the Happy is free for everyone to share.




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