I saw her sitting in the rain
Raindrops falling on her
She didn’t seem to care
She sat there and smiled at me

Then I knew
She could make me happy
Flowers in her hair
Flowers everywhere

The Cowsills

We’ve been pretty lucky this summer where the specter of rain is concerned.

Even after we take in to consideration our last Saturday night at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Twp, I would ay that we still have gotten off pretty easy.

The rain had been hanging around for about two days, so it was absolutely eminent.  Like I said, we have been very lucky so far.

We have done about forty shows outside since the last time that we were caught in a deluge at Great Oaks, as I recall.

So a little summer shower was in the cards, it would seem.  No reason to postpone the party.  Or, even a night out, for that matter.

Just as we set up, the rain began in earnest.  What began as a fine mist, turned into a strong downpour.

Mother nature would have to do better than that, to dampen the spirits of the stouthearted folk who occupy barstools at Bumper’s, though.

Rain? Please.

They hardly even flinch when it comes to rain.  They simply move away from the mist and continue the party.

So when the first forty minutes of Saturday evenings’ show was spent tending to our valuable tarps, the party was just waiting to burst when the sun eventually poked it’s head back out.

The people, sensing the break a break in the weather, came back, Lilliputian-style as we removed our tarps and shook off the droplets to begin our first song.

There was nothing that the rain could do on this night to scatter the fun, as more and more people pouring into the bar to take part in the newly found revery.

We started fast and hard, with some Creedence Clearwater Revival to dry up what was left of the rain.  Jimmy Buffet was sure to do the tricks was Gordon Lightfoot with his, “Sundown“.

The patio was hopping now.  There were dancers, and singers and well-wishers and wonder; always an amazing place to simply sit and people-watch.

Feeling guilty that we started late, Carl and I more than made up for it, with a long, long first set.  All good.

Thought the clouds were hanging around, most everyone was pretty confident that they would not dampen the party any further.

Every table was full.  every par stool was occupied inside and out, and the patrons were sincerely setting in for the evening.  You could just tell that as long as we were playing, they would be there listening.

So many great people stopped to tell us how much they enjoy the music.  So many gracious friends, made us feel valued.  The staff, though very busy, always seemed to ask us if we needed anything.

The rain might fall, but it can never break up the party at Bumper’s.

Our second set was just about as long as the first, or longer; as we did all that we could to make things right after the slow beginning.

We met many happy people on this Saturday evening, and it really gave us a great feeling about how hard we worked to share our music.  Knowing that we are appreciated goes a long way in giving us the fuel that we need to keep going.

There are many nights just like that.  It is the people that keep us playing. Always, the people.

When something like rain, or wind, or equipment that fails, or computers that break down, or general craziness occurs, we can muddle through; but, it tales its’ toll on us, in the end.

We play for the people.  The fans, the patrons, the friends, relatives, and customers.

We take our catalog of incredible music that has been created by the legends and icons of our generation, and share it with the wonderful people that congregate at our shows.

It is though the music that we are able to share our talents and emotions, to create an atmosphere of fun and relaxation.

Even the rain cannot drown the feeling.

There were birthdays and anniversaries.  Gatherings and celebrations.  There were get-togethers and parties; all within a few feet of each other, and they all shared one common thread: The celebration of life.

The music continued even after the sun went down.  soon, the mosquitoes were out in force, and after that, the fish-flies headed our way.  Even a plague of that magnitude could not keep us from cranking out the tunes to the delighted patrons.

The storm had broken, and out of the rain came an outpouring of happy people.  Always happens around here.

On any given day, or summer for that matter, a little rain must fall.  But it doesn’t have to end the party.  At least, not ever at Bumper’s Landing!


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