It was a different Saturday at Bumper’s Landing.

Different for us, since the weather was a little cool, a little slower, and a little more threatening.  With the possibly unstable weather, we had no idea what to expect.

Well, we usually have no idea what to expect at Bumper’s.  It’s really one of the things that we can count on.  To expect the un-expected.

In that regard, we got just what we envisioned.

Looking up, the sky was about to pour down at any moment, or not.  We couldn’t tell.  It was just one of the great things about being a rock star . . .  the unpredictability of Michigan weather near the water.

We set up our equipment as soon as we arrived, and just as predicted, (or not), it began to rain.  Not a lot, just enough to make things even more unsure.

After a few moments, the clouds moved on and we began our first set, which was already gaining momentum from several patrons who had just arrived from the Raft-off out on the lake.

The tempo was quick to begin.  Usually our first set is a little slow and smooth; however this  Saturday was different.  With the people coming off the lake that had been there drinking all day, we thought that it would be the right time to pick up the tempo, and keep the party going.

It worked, as our first set got rave reviews, as we broke and chatted with the happy people dockside.  The second set was a little slower.  We needed to pace ourselves, since we had already played the day before, and once that morning.  We really needed to get through the night.

Additionally, we had another gig scheduled for tomorrow as well.

After the second set, we picked it back up and headed full throttle as tune after tune gave the delighted patrons cause to hit the dance floor.

The wonderful crew from Total Sports arrived and was all smiles as they made themselves at home.  Some of them even commandeered the stage for a group picture or two with the dismayed band.  (Us).

It was all in good fun!

The sun had long set and the crowd began to thin as we finished out the evening in an fun but somewhat mellower tone.

Boaters were still singing along, and the beer was still flowing when we began to take down our gear for the night.

The rafters got there early and fizzled out, as they had been partying all day long.  It was another interesting Saturday at Bumper’s Landing.  As they all are.

That place is never dull.  The only thing in this business that we can really count on, for sure!


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