True perfection is as “one-of-a-kind” as any timeless masterpiece.

Perfection can be unique, and yet it can be as simple as a glorious summer Sunday in Shelby Township.

We experienced perfection last weekend, as we were lucky enough to be asked back to perform at the Shelby Art Fair.

When I say, lucky, I mean just that.  It is truly one of our most favorite shows that we play, year in or out.

The setting is truly picturesque.  The people are warm and friendly.  The vendors are cordial and accommodating.  They listen, they thank us, and occasionally, even offer us some small bribes!


The weather Saturday was wonderful, even though it threatened rain as the day unfolded.

We took the big stage when we arrived Saturday morning at nine.  As the sleepy little fair began to rub its’ eyes and awake, we placed our gear carefully on the stage at just the right angle for optimum sound coverage.

In the past, carl and I have used our acoustic gear to perform at this fair, however, this year, we would use all of our equipment.  Drums, bass and electric guitars.  The risk of being too loud and obtrusive was one that we were willing to take.  In the end, the choice was . . .  perfect!

Click to play video file.
Bob and Carl at the Shelby Art Fair 2017

We thought that it would best, to show everyone our versatility.  I think that we made the right choice, since we received several wonderful comments after just playing one set.

Here is Carl and I playing music in the background, on Facebook Live!

Click on the picture at right.

Our first set was an eclectic blend of many musical genres.  Country, oldies, pop and Island music.  Lately our fans haven’t been able to get enough of Buffett, so to speak.

One thing that never changes about the Shelby Art Fair, is the feeling that we can do more listening music, than just banging away at our oldie collection.  They are here to listen and drink in the words as well as the music.

Nothing could be better.

Since we were only performing for a short, two-hour show, we only broke for about five minutes before jumping right back into the fray.

The break however, did give us a chance to chat with some very happy onlookers.  We talked with vendors and art fair staff alike.  All of them pleased with what they heard.

Before we knew it, the next band had arrived and it was time for us to tear down and load it for the next gig at Bumper’s Landing, in a few hours.

We enjoyed our first of two days at the fair.  We settled in and still left with many, many songs still left to be sung next time.

Saturday was perfect.  How could we ever top it?

(Little did we know that it would happen much sooner than I ever thought possible.)


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