So far, this summer has been everything that I ever could have imagined, and more.

We have played lots and lots of memorable shows and entertained thousands of people.

Time to take a little break . . .

Leaving on Wednesday, I had the opportunity to travel to Florida for a long weekend before summer takes it’s last bow. Helping friends move into their dream house on the ocean was just a bonus.

Landing in Panama City, we rented an SUV and made our way to Cape San Blas, where we would settle in for a few days.

In no time, we unloaded the moving van and set up house for what would be five memorable days of relaxation by the beach.

Hoping sand and surf would do its best help us all unwind and find time to collect our thoughts before the fall hustle and bustle began in earnest.

While out to dinner at the local marina, we happened upon a very friendly waitress named Jessy, who notified us that she was a talented local musician who happened be entertaining on Saturday evening right at the restaurant. Dockside.

After everyone in our group announced that I was also a musician, Jessy asked me to bring my guitar and return on Saturday to help her entertain.

Since I was having such a wonderful time on vacation, I thought that it might be an interesting evening. I was right about that.

That was to be the first “gig” that I got myself involved in on Saturday evening.

Back about two years ago, we traveled to Cape San Blas, to see the purposed site of the new house; and when we did, we happened into a local watering hole at one of the town’s oldest and most venerable hotels.

Inside of the hotel was The Thirsty Goat. And inside the Thirsty Goat was Buddy Hamm.

Now Buddy Hamm is the man around these parts. Local singer, local musician and local legend.

Yes, THAT Buddy Hamm!

Well the night that we happened by, I and our group loved his entertaining so much, I got up with him and played a few songs .

Here, two years later, I brought my guitar just to able to playa set with the man.  And, that I did.

When I entered the patio with my guitar, Buddy’s eyes lit up.  He remembered me from the last time, and hoped that I was there to join in onstage for some music.

Sitting along side him, I was truly at ease, knowing that we could pretty much play any song that the audience threw our way.

And that is just what happened.  We played and sang for an hour or two in the night air not he patio of the Thirsty Goat, on the Cape of San Blas, Florida.

For me, that was very enjoyable.  Playing with someone who has a true gift for performing is always wonderful.  And, to be able to do it while on vacation is even better.

Buddy thanked me for joining him after we ended the evening, and asked me to let him know when I would return so that he could take me out fishing and show me around the “finer” but lesser-known counts of O’l Cape San Blas.

It was a great night, and wonderful vacation.  everything that I hoped it would be and more.

Just the way to recharge and inspire for the end of summer, fall and push into the holiday rush, right on the horizon.


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