When the rain comes down by the water, no one seems to care.  Well, boaters sure don’t seem to.  They simply move from one place they are drinking at, to the next place.  No problems.

And so it went on Monday afternoon at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison township.  They came, they drank, the ate, and continue to be the happiest place in the world.

So, the day began with a pretty blue sky beckoning everyone to come out and explore.

Summer wasn’t done yet.  Her bag of tricks wasn’t all used up either.  She still had a few up her sleeve not this particular Labor day.

I guess that we shouldn’t call it Labor Day, since we were technically working on something that we really enjoy doing.

How can that be work.

While setting up, we took a lot of time to survey the threatening sky.  Rain was coming, and it really was simply a matter of, when.

We set up and got ready to begin anyway.  Only to be rained on, five minutes before taking the stage.

The rain was just a pre-cursor for what possible that evening, and Carl and I took note.

For now the rain was held a bay, long enough to get our first set in the books.

Halfway into the next set, we began to lose our concentration as the wind picked up and the rain appeared to draw closer.

We kept playing with one eye on the music, and one eye in the sky.

After our third set, it was time to make our move indoor before everything was to be soaked for good.

All summer long there had been talk of us playing indoors when the weather got colder, but neither Carl nor I had been able to figure it out in our minds, just how to achieve it.

Now, as the clouds threatened us truly, we moved into the perfect spot without even thinking.  Sometimes things happen just like that.

we nestled our gear into the corner, near the bar, and everything simply fell into place.

With a little time, we were up and entertaining once more.  The songs flowed, the drinks provided just the right amount of liquid courage, and the crowd responded in glorious song!

The summer-long, “moving inside” puzzle was solved for good.  We played even more inspired now, until the clock reached eight bells.  It was time to recede for the particular holiday.

It was an interesting day.  The weather, the music, the people.  We had our friends from the great oaks stop by and help us enjoy the day even more.

Once more, it was evident that it was the people that make the day special.  Any day.

We would be playing again on Thursday.  And then again on Saturday.  Looking forward, it would be a great week.  One to remember, we were sure.


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