The Calendar said Fall, but the weather was all summer, on this beautiful night at Bumper’s Landing by the water.

It was like a throwback to summers of old, as the temperature hit the upper eighties on the patio near the water’s edge.

No one really was looking too closely at the date, as everyone did all that they could to simply, enjoy the incredible Michigan Saturday afternoon.

That wasn’t very difficult either.  As the patrons poured into Bumper’s, it was quickly evident that it was going to be a great night on the water.

The smiles were everywhere.  Football was entertaining the masses on the many televisions scattered throughout the restaurant.

The excitement that is football season was palpable everywhere you looked.

People were grabbing tables and umbrellas as they jockey’d for position near the deck, but out of the direct hot sun.

Carl and I took our time setting up, and surveyed the people as we did.  One big table of friends and family.  One table of octogenarians.  Several tables of boaters.  Each of them more animated then the last.

Playing the very first set was the easiest part of our day, as the crowd got right into it from the very first song.  They were all singing or making requests before even being invited.

Since were started out right in the groove, it was really pretty easy to just continue on, playing hit after hit, and request after request.

The sun was still pretty intense, so most everyone was hiding from it behind their big umbrellas.  When its that hot, we like to play a little smoother type of music.  Just to keep everyone in the slow-moving lane.

Boats kept coming in, and the patio got even busier, as the afternoon sun started to give way to the cooler temps of the evening calm.

There seemed to be an urgency in the air, as everyone felt the last days and temperatures of summer slipping through their fingers.

Although it was hot, no-one complained. Soon it would be bitter cold, and everyone unconsciously knew that.

The sets rolled one into the next.  Song after appreciated song, as the moon came out and sprinkled welcome relief across the boardwalk.

Even when it was time to quit for the night, the crowd would not let us.  It seemed that no-one was heading home.  They needed to enjoy every last drop of the day, right down to the dregs.

We stayed an extra hour to simply play out the people with more music from our loudspeakers.

It was another amazing evening at Bumper’s Landing.

Nothing unusual about that.  They pretty much all are.

We’ll see you next Saturday night, for the next one.  Don’t miss it!



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