We knew for sure that fall was in the air, the moment we arrived at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison township, and were told to setup inside.

Since this summer has been so warm and wonderful, we understood we were overdue for a little cold or bad weather.  Well, the bad weather never arrived, but it sure was way too cool for expecting people to sit outside.

No problem at all.

We had the perfect place inside to continue summer’s party right into the fall and beyond.  Right inside the doors, and nestled between the bar and the popcorn machine was a quaint little spot that fit is to a tee.

With almost no effort, we moved in and set up in record time, giving is ample chance to chat with more of our friends left over from the summer.

It was a great way to begin slowly and carefully, since the football game was still on and occupying everyone’s attention.

When the game ended it was our quest to take up our instruments and get the party started.

Since the weather was a bit cool, and the days were getting shorter, it was probable that many people would be staying home and practicing their cuddling skills.

We figured that it might not be as busy as it has been in the past.  To tell the truth, the evening did start that way.

Our first set was a bit more high energy than most, since we had people right near us requesting their favorites, right out of the gate.

Our song selection was very eclectic, not wishing to seem to one-dimensional to many of the patrons who had just arrived, and had never heard us before.

We did music from several genres, including country, island, rock and even Irish.

We had fun with the first set, and felt like continuing without a break.  But, break we did.  (we’re not crazy.)

we thought that it would be a good opportunity for us to chat with the many people who had invested their time and attention in us during our first set.

They had lots more request, and more than one question for us.  Carl and I are becoming much better at communicating with customers than we used to.  Since it is difficult for us both, we have had to work at it.  We are both pretty shy.  Not a good quality for a rock star.

It has worked well for us lately, as it has allowed us to get to know many wonderful people, who have enjoyed our music.

The second set was pretty straight forward.  More up-tempo music and mirth.  We picked up the pace even more and threw in a few classics, to boot.

It was only an hour, but it did a lot to break the ice in a room that had been previously enamored with watching a football game.

The third set was all up-tempo music and dancing favorites.  Everyone now was either dancing or singing along.  We had accelerated this night to right were the people wanted it to be: one big party!

Looking around the bar, we were able to take inventory on everyone within view.

There were friends at the bar, car dealers, firemen, boaters and party animals, as far as the eye could see.  We were entertaining them all, and were enjoying the effect that our songs were having on them.

The dance floor was writhing, the Tamborine was clanging, and most everyone else was singing along.  It was great fun!

We finished the night to a nearly full bar.

That was one of the best feelings we could have had.

With all that was going on, we still were able to keep everyone happy and engaged.

Carl sang about having a million dollars, to end the set.  He sang about all of the amazing things in life that money could buy.

That being said, no-one could put a price tag  on this evening.  On a night of fall’s very beginning, our job seemed priceless!


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