It’s always exciting to be asked to entertain at a new venue.  Last Friday, Carl and I had the good fortune to play at Steiny’s Restaruant & Banquet hall, in beautiful Shelby Michigan.

It was  a different experience altogether to play at a restaurant that is not usually designed to showcase entertainment.  What I mean by that, is that Steiny’s is primarily a place that people go to when they are either hungry or thirsty.  Music is an added bonus.

Everyone there was nice to us; (something that makes any situation better.)  It also helps us in our struggle to move in and sort out our set up for the very first time.

I know it an musician thing, but It is important for us to be comfortable, before we can even think about entertaining someone.

One nice thing about our very first night in this new location, was having good friends there to make us feel at home.

Smiling faces always help, no matter what.

Before we knew it, we were off and playing our first set.  We did our best to sprinkle a flavor of what we do best, right from the start.  I guess that way, if they didn’t like us, they would know right away. Lol,

The first set was an interesting one for us.  The room sounded good.  (Something that we always evaluate in our minds.)  They music seemed to be appreciated by the patrons and the regulars.  It seemed to go over well.

We chatted with people between the first set, and they seemed pleased with the music.  That helps too.

It was a short one, to be sure.  We were only there for three sets.  All that meant was that we would have to pack lots and lots of great music, into pretty much, two long doses.

We were able to accomplish our goal, I believe.  We made a good connection with he audience, from what we could gather.

There were lots of applause when we finished our songs.  I seemed like a positive experience for everyone.

Only time will tell if we come back to visit, down the road.

It was a nice restaurant, with a very friendly staff.  We hope that they prosper in the future, wether we are a part of the experience or not.


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