Saturday nights at Bumper’s Landing can be a little scary at times, but tonight was downright frightening!

It was the fourth annual Bumper’s Landing Halloween party, and it was everything you would expect, and a little bit more.

First of all, they spared no expense on decorations and spooky atmosphere, as the new bar was all decked out in superb Halloween kitsch.

Fun was in the air, as you could almost anticipate the ghoulish grooves that would permeate the evening chaos.  Bumper’s was ready and waiting for each unsuspecting customer to come by and show off.

Once inside, they took full advantage of every opportunity to let loose their inner spirit.

Everyone wanted a snap-shot near the cranium ice sculpture.  The perfect “Elixir” for a Halloween party-to-remember.

The deck also was all “decked-out”, with a huge tent and heaters, to keep the chill away from the customers.

It was a big crowd.  Everyone was excited, as the sun went down and the creepers came out in full force.

There were cops and bad guys.  Cow-pokes and bad girls.  Creepy zombies, spooky bees and even a joker or two.

One by one they crawled through the door, to take refuge from the night air.  One by one they fell under our spell as the music grabbed them and commanded them to dance!

Smiles were everywhere, as the costumes were paraded by for maximum effect.  Carl and I were asked to judge all the spooky attire and award prizes for the best-of-the-best.

There were lots to pick from, so we needed to examine them all carefully during our breaks.  (Too bad that the Bumper’s staff were not eligible, ’cause they certainly would have given the customers a run for their money.)

Right from the very first song, we thought that we would sprinkled the Halloween favorites to distill just the right elixir that would make the party howl at the moon.

It worked.  There were revelers crawling, hopping and creeping everywhere you looked.  It seemed that our spell was unbreakable.

Only past the hour of two did it release them to crawl back into their own humble abodes.

A party of this size and magnitude does not happen by itself.  We need to make sure that the amazing staff at Bumper’s knows how much they are appreciated.

They worked so long and hard, and never stoped until the last demons were exorcised for the night.




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