The very first thing that we noticed were the smiles.

The girls at the door as we arrived; the friendly bartender who gratefully brought us cold, refreshing beer.

The manager, the busboys, the waitresses and I would imagine, the owner as well.  Everyone was smiling. . .

Got to be a happy place, right?

The Rochester Tap Room is all of that, and even more.

Let’s begin with the acoustics of the room.

Although it is certainly not a traditional shaped venue, (It kind of winds and meanders around).  Whatever shape it is, works acoustically.  The sound is great from where we are playing.  You can tell by simply playing at a lower volume.  If you can hear everything, then you have a great room to entertain in.

Jeff the manager mixed the sound the was sent from our board, and got the level perfect for the entire restaurant.  We didn’t even need to bring in our big speakers to accomplish the task.

There were lots of people already frequenting the Tap Room on this night.  Although the weather was pretty nasty outside, there were several tables of hardy folk, enjoying the fellowship and food.

Our first set was pretty quiet and careful.  Carl and I never want to be shown the door before we even get to use the bathroom.  We took it easy and let our sound matriculate throughout the place.

When we finished our first ever set, we asked the staff if everything was to their liking.  So far so good.

It was then that a few tables of our good friends came in to share our evening with us.  A big birthday celebration was front and center.  Some wonderful friends from The Great Oaks Country Club.  They had been looking forward to this night for a while, and we were looking forward to being able to play some Irish favorites as soon as everyone arrived.

It was a long second set.  It was also a lot of fun.  We were lucky enough o have Jerry and his wife join us.  (The third member of Bob and Carl).  Also, the indomitable Eddie Stein was there, to make sure that we weren’t playing any Cockroach music without paying royalties.  (He did mention that he was thinking about adding a new pool on to his new house). Hmmmmmm….

Anyway, by the end of the third set, the entire place was singing along in unison.  We were so happy to be making a connection with the people at the Tap Room.  Always worry that in a new venue, we might not be the right fit.

Although we did begin a bit early because of the weather, we finished the night late.  we played about a half hour of encores before the people would let us go.

Our first impression of the Rochester Tap Room was very warm and enjoyable.  The room was really fun and the people were great.

Hope to come back and play again, sometime down the road.  If this night was any indication, it will be something worth waiting for.


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