So its the holiday season around these parts; and everyone seems to be into the holiday spirits.

That’s perfect for us.  We love the holiday spirits.  They keep everyone happy and in the right frame of mind during a busy time of the year.

It was just such an experience that we had last weekend at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Township.

Right from the start, there were smiles and happy faces when we opened the door to set up for the night.  It seems that there were lovely ladies in the house from a salon in Macomb Township, hosting their holiday party.

They were so much fun that Carl and I were just hanging on for dear life from the very first set.  Some groups come in and visit Bumper’s . . . .

. . .and, then there are groups that simple come in and make themselves right at home.
They are all good and welcome, for sure.

We love it when we are told what to play and just when to play it.  You know that works for us.  The food, the fun, the drinks were flowing, and we did the best that we could just to keep up.

Bumper’s was open to the regular customers as well, as it has been this entire winter.  Its a new thing for them and they are adjusting accordingly.

The music was up-tempo for most of the night, with a few slow songs in there to keep everyone honest.

We had some wonderful fans that come to hear us at other venues, who decided to drop by and visit.  Always nice to connect with them.  We even had some gals that needed to sing, and a place to do it.  We were happy to oblige them.  Always happy to help a rising star on the way to reaching their musical goal.

This night simply flew past, as it became midnight before we even knew it.  One thing we can count on at Bumper’s is that we never know what to expect.  Its always something there, and mostly always something different!


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