Some people simply have an innate sense of order and direction.

We know that and understand all too well, just how someone with that talent serves an important purpose in all our lives.

And so it was on a chilly Saturday evening in December that we had the great fortune to come face-to-face with just such a person.

Let’s back up for a second, though . . .

Carl and I arrived at Bumper’s to set up our gear, early as we usually do.  Everything was going perfectly according to our ultimate plan.  And then, the gear did not operate correctly, as it was designed to do.  Throwing us off our schedule by fifteen minutes, only gave us a few moments to get up for our evening excitement that awaited us.  Working together, it was however, everything that we hoped for, and more.

Ready to take on the evening in front of us, Carl and I began our first set at Bumper’s Landing, by rolling out the Bob Seger music right out of the gate.

It was a very “stable” song, that gives us a chance to balance all of our equipment and get a handle on the acoustics of the room before we attempted music that was a bit more ambitious.

There were several people who ambled in and populated the bar on both side.  All of them were very polite and in the cheeriest of moods.  When we played, “Christmas Time’s A’ Coming!” for them, their mood became even cheerier!

Our first set comprised of lots of special songs that we ordinarily do not get a chance to play.  Country, Irish, Island and holiday music.  We played some songs a completely different way.  Its fun for us, and hopefully entertaining for everyone else.

We were well into our second set of the evening when the door opened, and in walked a group of revelers unlike any we had ever seen.  They walked into the place like they owned it; offering suggestions regarding when we could begin playing, and exactly what our set list should entail.

As I have already  stated, it is wonderful when we have a little direction in our lives.  Things move ahead much smoother; and additionally, it takes much of the burden of having to think for our selves off our shoulders.

So with a little direction and purpose, we were led on an unique musical journey of exploration and self awareness.  It was fun to play, fun to watch and even more fun just to be a part of.

They were a great group of happy people.  They were all in the right place, as it tuns out.  Bumper’s Landing caters to happy people!

The night wore on with things accelerating from Billy Joel right into Van Morrisson, and well past Neil Diamond.

It was a very intimate evening that we were lucky enough to share.  Spending a night with this group was quite memorable.

It was also our very last night to play at Bumper’s this year.

Looking backwards gave us pause to admire all of the amazing shows that we played, summer through fall and now onto winter.

We are very lucky to be a cherished part of the Bumper’s Landing “family”.  We do not take it lightly.  We all work hard, and expect only excellence in our work ethic there.  The staff and all of the regulars each add so much to the experience that we are both so very excited to begin and optimistic new year!


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