Summer is right around the corner, we’re sure it is!

I know that you feel the same way that I do, even though we might both be just wishing fools.

And so it seemed on Saturday night at Bumper’s Landing in Harrison Twp.  People were wishing for summer to appear like Obi-Wan in the snowstorm.  (Probably need to be a Star Wars fan to understand that last part.)

The weather, although unstable more than not at this time of the year in Michigan, went from not too bad, to worse in the matter of moments.  It really didn’t matter to the patrons of Bumper’s though.  They were there to have a good time.  Nothing was going to get in the way of that.  I know that we weren’t going to.

We began our first set right down the middle.  Not too slow, not too fast.  Not with a whisper, but not with a shout either.  We take our lead from the crowd, and on this evening, they were going pretty well right from the start of the evening.

They were loud though!

Man, it was loud in there.  Its interesting that we can be outside, on the banks of the mighty Clinton River, near the constant drone of boats with high-octane engines, revving and jockeying for position with three hundred people watching and milling about; and yet, it is still louder inside!

So it was really loud.  But fun.

Fun and friendly and festive.  All of the things that we might associate with the summertime.

Each day now, it seems we see small peeks of the weather changing for the better.  People are so over winter at this point.  We get that.  We are ready to play, dockside too.

Carl and I try to evoke the hot weather in each song that we select to sing.  Songs of sunshine and sunlight.  Songs of beaches, and sand and sweltering bodies. . . .
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  We can tell that everyone is ready to put away their winter coats and slip into their tank tops.  We’d love that too.  All that we can do to help, is to play more of that good O’l summer-time music.

That’s what made it all the worse when we looked outside and saw the snowstorm covering  everything as far as the eye could see.


Well, too late on this particular evening.  We were already evoking the presence of summer, and nothing was going to stop us at this point.  After all, what’s another two inches at this point.  Ok, don’t answer that.

So, back inside, the crowd at Bumper’s was oblivious to everything outside of their little world.  (Remember, Boaters are very happy people, no matter what.)

Each song was met with accompanying fervor and friendliness.  Everyone was singing and smiling along.  The rest of the night was on autopilot.  We played, they enjoyed.  The staff took care of every last customer that stayed.

It was a very happy night.  Forget about the snow, it will turn to summer before we even know it.



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