Sometimes it seems that there is just something in the air.

…….something that turns seemingly normal girls, a little crazy.

Crazy fun, though.

That’s exactly what we witnessed last Saturday night at Bumper’s Landing, in Harrison Township, Michigan.  Crazy fun.

You know by now that there are some people that drink and want to fight.  Some people that drink and want to complain, or pontificate.  Some folks get boring; or boorish.  Some get lazy, some get aggressive and some just get plain weird.

We’ve seen it all in our years entertaining in the pubs.  Most of it good.  And, sometimes……

Well, the other night as we were playing, we saw some gals having a great time at Bumper’s. And, since they were having a great time, so was everyone else, because of them.

You know, some people work really, really hard, day after day.  And when they get the chance, they play really really hard too.  You all know someone who fits into that mold.

As soon as our first set began, we could see how much fun this night was gong to be.  Everyone was in a playful mood.  The bar was completely full on this late-winter night.

There were no particular games on.  There wasn’t anything outside of this bar that was going on anywhere in the world that was more important than the fun that everyone was having, by just being there.

The music was flowing, the people were smiling and the mood was fun and mischievous.  Almost like cabin fever was taking hold of everyone.

I would imagine that for a boater, (the people that need to be outside most of the time to be happy), that a long, tiring winter would seem to be even more frustrating than for us land lubbers.

We didn’t mind at all, Carl and I.  No matter what was going on around us, we simply played another song.  We played country, oldies, rock, pop and Irish.  Every song from each and every genre was fuel for the happy fire.

The gals were dancing, by now.  With themselves, with each other, with everyone and anyone within reach.  It was quite fun to watch.

Most nights at Bumpers are just like that; we show up, set up and hold on . . . .

On these “transition” nights, you never know what to expect, as the temperature and weather conditions dictate how many people are will to come out and brave the cold and elements to arrive.  In the summer months, they come by boat.  This time of year, its not as easy.  So the people that do make the trek are truly out to have some fun.

We try and do our part.  We play the best party music we can.  We give it our all, and then some.  Most times we begin a little early and play late.  We try and keep our breaks short and timely.  In any event, no matter what, we certainly enjoy entertaining for those whom enjoy it.

This night was so much fun for everyone.  People are so over winter, and so very ready for the spring to take hold.  Tonight, Carl and I were simply the side entertainment.

As it is on most nights at Bumper’s Landing, the people were the real entertainment.  We just do all we can to manage things and make sure no one gets injured.

Best job in the world!

We will be back soon, and looking forward to all the fun and high jinx yet to come.


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